Lie theory and integrable systems in symplectic and Poisson geometry

Online conference

June 5-7, 2020


Lie-theoretic techniques inform much of the modern research conducted in symplectic and Poisson geometry. Prominent instances include research on Coulomb branches, geometric quantization, Hamiltonian group actions, hyperkähler structures, index theory, moduli spaces, Poisson-Lie groups, quiver varieties, and symplectic singularities. Another important instance is the theory of integrable systems, especially recent works on toric degenerations, Gelfand-Zeitlin systems, Hitchin systems, and Mishchenko-Fomenko systems.

This conference will bring together researchers to discuss and share new progress in these areas.


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Organizers: Peter Crooks ( and Jeremy Lane (

Sponsor: The Fields Institute has kindly offered to provide logistical support and maintain a webpage for this conference.

Video conferencing platform: We plan to use Zoom. A user guide is available here.


  • Each day will feature two blocks of presentations, i.e. one block in the morning and another block in the afternoon (Eastern time).

  • Each block will be followed by a 50-minute period for parallel breakout sessions, by which the following is meant. The speakers in a given block will be divided into virtual rooms and invited to host discussion sessions. The different sessions will occur simultaneously and within the 50-minute time period. Conference participants will be invited to circulate amongst the different sessions. The breakout sessions are intended to be fun, light-hearted, and informal.



Titles and abstracts



Anton Alekseev (Geneva) video slides

Ana Balibanu (Harvard) video

Lara Bossinger (Oaxaca) video

Anne Dranowski (Toronto) video slides

Marco Gualtieri (Toronto) video

Iva Halacheva (Northeastern) video slides

Mark Hamilton (Mount Allison)

Benjamin Hoffman (Cornell) video slides

Lisa Jeffrey (Toronto) video slides

Joel Kamnitzer (Toronto) video slides

Yael Karshon (Toronto) video slides

Yiannis Loizides (Penn State) video

Mykola Matviichuk (Toronto) video slides

Maxence Mayrand (Toronto) video slides

Eckhard Meinrenken (Toronto) video slides

Brent Pym (McGill) video slides

Steven Rayan (Saskatchewan) video slides

Markus Röser (Hamburg) video

Travis Schedler (Imperial) video slides

Reyer Sjamaar (Cornell) video slides

Xiudi Tang (Toronto) video slides

Susan Tolman (Urbana-Champaign) video slides

Alex Weekes (UBC) video slides

Jonathan Weitsman (Northeastern)