Lidia Mrad


I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Arizona. My postdoctoral mentor is Prof. Joceline Lega. I received my Ph.D. in mathematics from Purdue University in 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Phillips.

My research focuses on solving problems, analytically and computationally, arising from physical setups such as those describing liquid crystals (materials science) or mosquito abundance (public health). The techniques I use belong to the areas of partial differential equations, calculus of variations, and mathematical modeling.

Teaching mathematics has been an integral part of my professional journey, starting as a high school teacher and throughout my graduate and postdoctoral years. I enjoy teaching such a rich topic to students from a variety of backgrounds. I am always looking for outreach opportunities beyond the classroom as well as ways to support students from under-represented groups in their pursuit of mathematics.