Library Workshops

Library Workshops

Library workshops are customized depending of the needs of the school. They can be arranged throughout the year. Whole day workshops are recommended to give librarians time to collaborate, create the relevant lessons for their students.

Workshop Description

Workshop 1: Understanding aims, objectives, and library curriculum, collection development, and organization of your Library

Workshop 2: Teaching deeper comprehension skills strategies, through reading aloud, book clubs and more.

Workshop 3: Information literacy, supporting students with project work and research.

Workshop 4: Media literacy for today's students.

Workshop 5: Teaching and learning writing strategies, for personal narratives, poetry and nonfiction genres.

Workshop 6: Learn how to create a library website while understanding design, colour and purpose.

For details Whatsapp 9819677361 OR email:

Tentative Program Schedule for 6 half day workshops on Saturdays

Each of the modules will follow a tentative schedule. The workshops will commence at 8: 30 am and close at 1:30 pm

8:45- 10:00 am - First Session

10:30- 11:00 - Tea Break

11:00- 1:30 - Workshop Continues

01:30- 1:45 - Question/Answers/Followups

Contact Samir Kapadia at 9819677361 or for further information.