10 Ways to Feed Your Instagram

(when you're too busy to even think about Instagram!)

Check our Instagram @libraryatsems to see the videos and photos that I feature below in screenshots.

But wait--the videos are now linked! So any image you see below with "views" instead of "likes" is linked to the Instagram video. Go check:)

1. #BookFaceFriday

We try to post these every week! Check out the hashtag #BookfaceFriday for some inspiration. My students initially were somewhat literal with it. We mostly had biographies with celebrity faces on student necks. Now they're getting more creative.

2. #BookDropLife

Another post that's easy to schedule! Whenever you have a stack of popular books that just got returned, snap a photo and share with the hashtag #BookDropLife. Students love to see what others are reading. We often get a student who comes in to grab something she just saw on Instagram.

3. New Book Reveal!

We don't have much money at the beginning of the year to buy new books, but I do sneak a few in. I have my aides open the boxes while I make a quick video. Again, students will pop into the library to ask if there's still a copy of whatever book we revealed earlier that day.

4. Students Reading

Surprising, but true! Students love to see photos of themselves. If I take a photo of a student quietly reading in here after checking out during class time, I'll have a dozen other students dropping onto the couches, chairs or floor in hopes of getting featured on Instagram

5. Book Reactions

Sometimes students crack me up with their reactions to a book they're reading, or when a hold they've been waiting for finally comes in. I make them recreate their reaction for posterity--and a very short video!

6. Special Activities

We have a lot going on in the library. When activities take place over several days or weeks, we share them early on so other students can join in, too! Book Club, ASB activities, and our interactive library displays are all Instagram-worthy.

7. Reading and Library Quotes

Using Adobe Spark or Picmonkey makes all of us look better! Here are some of the quotes I've posted. These are great to keep your Instagram feed active when things in the library aren't so...photogenic.

8. Displays

Show off all the hard work you, your assistants or your student aides do!

9. Your Dog

Or if you must, your cat:) Preferably posed with books! We have a therapy dog at school, so the Golden Retriever gets as much Instagram action as my little white mutt! Seriously, the dog gets a lot of attention. When I posed a photo of him post-surgery, I had a lot of teary students visiting the library just to ask if Louie was feeling better.

10. You, Out and About!

Don't forget to share some cool things outside the library. I try and keep them book related, but sometimes just a cool sunset, or a "play date" with a teacher reminds students to get their heads out of the books and enjoy life!

And a bonus: 11. Make it viral!

If you have a chance, jump on whatever the latest trend is. Just give it a library spin. Today, we posted a mannequin challenge from the library. Students were so eager to show their friends. We got lots of new followers since students want to see what we'll try next. (Of course, be sure they're school appropriate. No twerking from us now or ever!)