Mini Mobile Makerspace

What is a “Makerspace?”

A “Makerspace” is a hands on learning environment where students can craft, explore, solve problems, experiment, build, invent, tinker, and learn by crafting. Makerspaces are designed with STEAM in mind; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Makerspaces are very popular among public and school libraries with some having enough space for counters, tables, and built-in cabinets full of games, puzzles, brain teasers, 3D printers, coloring books, crafting supplies, Legos, magnetics, etc. The library’s Makerspace is a mini mobile one with the option to expand over time.

The library’s Makerspace has Legos, Geometric and Pattern coloring books, an Origami station, Tetris puzzle, Rubik’s cubes, a Rush Hour Logic game, Brain Flakes Construction, a Tape It & Make It Duct Tape station, 3D Magnetic Building Blocks, RC Quadcopter Micro Mini Drone, and Tinkercad 3D Design and Printing (this will be a scheduled). Each item is hands-on and presents the opportunity for students to think and problem solve while using them.

Who is the Makerspace for?

Students in grades K-12. There are items that help little minds think and explore and items to help older minds build upon existing knowledge of spatial thinking.

Where is the Makerspace located?

The Mobile Mini Makerspace is located in the library and will stay in the library (i.e. not to be borrowed like a book). Although it is mobile, all materials purchased were funded through the library’s student activities account. Inventory been conducted of all items and will continue to be done each week.

When can the students use the Makerspace?

There is currently a sign-in sheet for high students who have scheduled study halls wanting to use the library’s Makerspace. Elementary and middle school teachers can email or ask me about times for the students in grades K-8. The “space” of each station is limited; for example, we only have two (2) Rubik’s cubes for the time being, so only two students would be able to work in that station.

The only times that the Makerspace is not available is during 3A (Blue Days) and 4B (Blue and White Days). Hopefully next year, the library will be open during the Intervention block and the Makerspace will then be available to all students in grades 5-12. By then, more items will be added and the “spaces” can accommodate more students!



Tetris Puzzle

Rubik's Cubes

Rush Hour Logic Game

Brain Flakes Construction

Tape It & Make It Duct Tape

3D Magnetic Building Blocks

Tinkercad 3D Design & Printing

RC Quadcopter Micro Mini Drone

Geometrics and Pattern Explorations