Digital Literacy

9th-12th Grade

"Digital Literacy is more than simply knowing how to use digital tools. It is the ability to locate, organize, understand, evaluate, and analyze information using digital technology. It’s also about knowing what to share and who to share it with."

~ Ashley MacQuarrie ~

Digital Literacy Defined:

· The ability to use digital technology, communication tools or networks to locate, evaluate, use and create information.

· The ability to understand and use information in multiple formats from a wide range of sources when it is presented via computers.

· A person’s ability to perform tasks effectively in a digital environment… Literacy includes the ability to read and interpret media, to reproduce data and images through digital manipulation, and to evaluate and apply new knowledge gained from digital environments.

· A person’s ability to access, analyze, evaluate and communicate information in a variety of forms, including print and non-print texts. Digital Literacy empowers students to be both critical thinkers and creative producers of an increasingly wide range of texts using multimedia. It is the skillful application of literacy skills to media and technology users.