Free candy crush Coins

What is it?

Cryptocurrencies are exploding and they will be for years. We are giving away 10,000 Candy Crush coin / tokens to individuals around the world to build a community. We are giving away 50,000,000 until they are gone. Looking for creative, dynamic and talented people around the world to move us all up. "Many hands make light work."

Why are you giving them away?

  • We need a community to build value. If we all work together and make them worth $10 each then you have $100,000. If they go up more than that then you can do the math. Remember, they do us no good now either. This is a community effort which is why we are giving them away. We all move up together.

Does it cost anything?

No, there are no costs to you. The coins do not have any value until we all put value into them. That is why we are giving them to as many people as possible. We actually pay the transfer fee. We do not have any access to your account in any way. We simply transfer the coins to you. You will then see them in your wallet. We will not ask for or accept any payments or money at any time.

How do I get my free Candy Crush tokens?

  • Go to the Waves platform and get your free wallet. or go to your App store and get the free wavesplatform app. The Waves platform is a top notch Blockchain technology that is growing, safe and easy to use.
  • Then email your RECEIVE code to . The code looks like 23G43hjhf3B3h3k09fv9d98v0vcjd097543c4ccx3cghs (not a real code). Make sure to cut and paste because we really do want you to get the coins.

What is the goal?

If we all work together we can create value in them. The coins have no value today. That is why we are looking for creative and inventive people. Also, Waves has launched an exchange so we hope that our coins will be traded in the future. No more Candy Crush coins can be issued in the future which will also set the value and why you need to get them early. No ICO necessary.

Now that I've got my wallet will you please send them to me?

Great. Yes we will, just email your RECEIVE code to and we will transfer the coins / tokens. That's it. No magic.

What do I do after I get my coins?

Tell all your friends. The bigger the community the better we all do. So Tweet and Facebook this page and anything else you can think of to all your friends. We are giving away 50,000,000. Once they are gone it's done. Since they have no value today we need each other to move them. It is truly up to all of us.


*Candy Crush Coins / tokens has no affiliation or any connection with Candy Crush or Candy Crush associated businesses. Although Candy Crush is more than welcome to obtain and use the coins in any way they want. Additionally we are not a broker of any kind. Coins currently have no value. That is why we are looking for like minded individuals to move the community forward. There are no costs or fees. No money is exchanged at any time. Once you have the coins / tokens they are yours to do with as you wish.