Saman Dashti

Community Organizer

Expressive Arts Circle Leader

Macaco Nova York

Capoeira Teacher

Contramestre Macaco


Saman was born in Manhattan, NYC and grew up in Jamaica, Queens. After studying Environmental Sciences at UC Berkeley, he moved to Newark, NJ, and began practicing Capoeira with Mestre Cigano of Grupo Liberdade de Capoeira. He received his capoiera nickname Macaco (Monkey) because of the style of his physical prowess. After 15 years of training he graduated to Professor.

P. Macaco spent 12 years teaching arts for schools in the NYC area. He has taught across diverse socioeconomic groups and has worked with children with special needs, autism and with behavioral health communities. Capoeira supports children in reaching developmental and educational milestones, emphasizes play, focus, discipline, decision making and community consciousness. It naturally integrates a variety of skills, supporting children in reaching adulthood with balance.

Professor Macaco travels to Bahia, Brazil to visit with elders in the arts and to participate in workshops and encounters. He seeks in-dept experiences of the cultural context of the expressive arts that is the foundation of his teaching.

Macaco is currently an arts educator in residence for a educational cooperative in Charlottesville. He teaches in the afforadable housing community and partners with Charlottesville area arts organizations. He focuses on proactively contributing to building community through arts education.

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