Laurel House Surgery & Fazeley Health Centre

Patient Participation Group (PPG)


We are the Laurel House Surgery Patient Participation Group (LHSPPG), covering both the Tamworth and Fazeley sites and we have setup this site in order to keep the patients of these practices informed with what we do.

We have included Newsletters, Minutes of previous meetings once they have been approved along with other documents including a Confidentiality Statement that anyone wishing to join the PPG must sign up to.

This site is under development and open to patient input and hence we would appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions as to things you might like to see on these pages.

In each surgery we have feedback boxes where you can post your feedback and only the PPG have access to them and so you can be assured of confidentiality at all times. The boxes are clearly marked but if you have a problem locating them do ask at reception who will tell you where they are situated.

We now have a Facebook presence for those of you that use Social Media and may wish to communicate with us. In order to post anything on there you will need to have registered with the surgery for online services. We hope you will use this method of communicating with the PPG if you can't make the physical group meetings.

On a computer click this link, and on a mobile or tablet you might want to search for Laurel House Surgery Patient Participation Group.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Alan Wiseman


Laurel House Surgery PPG

Introduction to what Patient Participation Groups (PPG) are all about.

Patient Participation Groups are a route for patients to advise and inform the Practice on what matters most to patients and to help identify solutions to problems.

  • Members of PPGs should think about the wider patient interest and not just their own personal concerns when serving on the PPG.
  • Every PPG should be clear about what it is there for and hopes to achieve.
  • It should have well-thought out core objectives so that if someone asks what the Group does, there is a clear answer.
  • These goals and aspirations need to be realistic and achievable because the PPG is run by volunteers.
  • The Patient Participation Group will work in partnership with the Practice and significant other partners and, in that way it can achieve a great deal more.

What do Patient Partnership Groups do?

As noted above the activities of Patient Partnership Groups vary because they develop and evolve to meet local needs of their Practice Population and may, for example, include either or all of the following:

  • Improving communication by assisting in the production of newsletters or leaflets that provide patients with information about their health and how to access services
  • Together with members of the Practice Team and other significant NHS and/or Local Authority partners participate as appropriate in the organisation of health promotion events so that patients can have a really good understanding of their health and how best to look after it.
  • Acting as a friend to the Practice, helping it appreciate and understand what patients are thinking and are saying about issues, such as, opening hours, telephone systems, requests for home visits, delays in arranging an appointment to see their own GP or a nurse, repeat prescriptions and the range and types of services provided within the Practice.
  • Influencing the services that are provided, and where they are provided, by taking part in what are called commissioning decisions: this means that services can be developed in the way that is best for patients.
  • Undertaking appropriate survey or research to find out what matters to patients and discussing the findings with the Practice.

Getting Involved

Why not get involved in the PPG to help us achieve these goals?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the group, as long as you are registered with the practice and interested in working together to make positive changes for the practice and its patients.

Or if you can’t join us then help by sending us your feedback/comments.

For further information fill in the Contact Us form and we'll be in touch.

Can you spare a few minutes of your valuable time to represent the Patients of both Laurel House, Tamworth & Fazeley Surgeries?

If you can’t spare the time on the PPG then please help by sending your comments or feedback on the form on the Contact Us page?

We currently meet bi-monthly on a Tuesday, 4pm @ Laurel House Surgery, Tamworth, usually the 3rd Tuesday when the surgery is closed to patients for staff training.

Virtual PPG

We are considering having in addition to our physical PPG group a virtual group in order to hopefully include patients that can't get to the actual meetings.

Currently we are not sure of the best way forward although the favourite method is looking to a Closed Facebook Group.

We would appreciate your thoughts feedback on this and to whether it would attract you to join us.