Fundraising with ShopWithScrip

Purchase gift cards and eGift cards to 750+ retailers and restaurants that provide a percentage rebate (up to 16%). The rebates you earn do directly to your student account and can be used toward performing arts fees, trip payments, etc. Purchase gift cards as gifts and for your own purchases to see the rebates add up!

Video links to show how the program works:

eGift cards - Raising money anytime is easy thanks to ScripNow. Over 380 retailer brands offer ScripNow, which are eGift cards that you can buy and receive instantly. Then you can print them off or redeem them from your phone when you’re on-the-go. Watch the Video

Reloadable Cards - You can order a reloadable physical gift card from ShopWithScrip which you can add funds to when your balance is low. Over 120 retailer brands offer either ReloadNow or Reload that will add funds to your card immediately or overnight respectively, which means you won’t have to wait for a new card to ship to shop with scrip. Watch the Video

Online Payments (PrestoPay™) - ShopWithScrip offers a secure ACH online payment system families can use to pay for orders conveniently. Online payments electronically debits funds from your checking or savings account so you don’t have to send in a check. Plus, your eGift card and reload purchases will process faster. Watch the Video

If you do not wish to enroll in PrestoPay, you can opt to pay for your gift cards with a credit card. Note that you will be charged a 2.6% credit card processing fee. In other words, if you pay by credit card, you'll only want to use it for vendors who offer rebates higher than 2.6%.

Plastic Gift Cards - Our Scrip coordinator will place orders once a month, around the 1st, so your orders for plastic gift cards need to be made by the last day of each month in order to receive your cards in the next shipment. Once our monthly shipment of cards arrives, generally 3-5 days later, our Scrip coordinator will let you where you can pick up your order.

Shipping costs for our monthly bulk order are $8.50 and Encore will be covering this cost so that families can receive the full rebate on each gift card they purchase. Encore will receive a fundraising summary from ShopWithScrip at the end of each month and the rebates will be credited to your student’s account the following month.


Email to request the ENCORE! ShopWithScrip Enrollment Code. You will need this code to join our organization's scrip program. Once you have the code, simply enroll on the app, or visit

Questions? Contact our Scrip coordinator, Cristin Russell, at