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Art Classes

Hello! Check out the fabulous work by the students in the Advanced Photography class. Move slides forward manually so you can read the artist statements.

Hello Everyone!

We started our online instruction last week and will be continuing in the upcoming weeks. Here is some general information:

  • To my seniors, I would be so pleased to have you continue to join the classroom meets. I also would be happy to meet with any of you to discuss your ongoing work, provide new ideas, and to just be a source of help in whatever way I can. I am sad that your year ended like this.
  • Check your PPS email several times a day!
  • Check your Google Classroom. All projects that I assign will be through Google Classroom. You will upload them to the specific assignment in Google Classroom. I plan on giving all of you many ideas, prompts, and options within projects.
  • You will have to have you own supplies. I will make sure that there will be a variety of projects to choose from in which you could use just things around your house or, if you choose, to order supplies online.
  • For my Photography 5-6 and IB Art class, I will be posting all new projects in the Google Class for Photography 6: Adv and IB Visual Art Studio&Research SL 6
  • Lastly, Art making can be very therapeutic. The last thing I want is to stress anybody out more!

Hello and Welcome to my class website. This year I am teaching Photography 3-4, Photography 5-6 and IB Art SL. You will be able to find specific information for each class on the pages above. More general information will be on this home page. Contact me at Here is my class schedule.

B Days only in Room 120

5th Period-Photography 3-4

6th Period-Planning

7th Period-Photography 5-6

8th Period-IB Art SL

A Word about Fees and Supplies

The arts department depends on student donations for the supplies we need. At registration, students are asked to donate a $75.00 fee for every art class they registered for. Without these monies, I cannot get the supplies and materials I would like students to use. For my classes specifically, I need to get at least 6 new computers, photography paper, film, chemicals, camera equipment, and many supplemental materials to make this class the rich and engaging class I want my students to have. For the IB Art class, I need money for paints, brushes, paper, canvas, drawing and other art supplies.

Any amount donated is greatly appreciated. You can donate directly to my classes here:

Scholastic Art and Writing Competition

Calling all teen artists and writers: The time is NOW! The 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are open for submissions!

You can start your submission process in three easy steps:

  1. Get the info! Learn how to enter and find your Affiliate Partner for your region's guidelines and deadlines.
  2. Create an account! Once your masterpiece is complete, create your Scholastic Awards account and upload your work.
  3. Submit! Sign your submission form and then mail it off with your submission fee or fee waiver to the address on your form, or upload your signed form to your account and enter your payment information online.


This year we will have a student teacher with us!

Will Schweinfurth is a former Lincoln student who went on to pursue photography in college, graduating in 2019 with a BFA from Oregon State University in studio arts. Will's work includes concert photography, taking photos of the likes of Travis Scott, Billie Eilish, Elton John and many more. Conceptually Will currently works with the theme of adolescence, and the transition to adulthood. Will enjoys music more than anything but also has had a lifelong love of the natural world, collecting fossils and expressing this love through working with Oregon State's Natural Archive as well as The Hatfield Marine Science Center and NOAA.

Will Currently has work going up at the Chessman Gallery, in Lincoln City as park of their "Vulnerable Predators" exhibit.

Elton John by Will ->

Billie Eilish by Will Schweinfurth

1000lb Thresher Shark by Will Schweinfurth

Scott and I

My front yard garden

About Me

I wanted to share a bit about me. I am both a teacher and a working artist. I live in Northeast Portland with my husband, Scott and my Mom, Maggie. I have two adult sons and a daughter in law-- Wilson and Cecily, just moved to Spokane, WA where Will started a new job as a chemistry professor at Gonzaga University. Charlie lives in Portland and does construction work for Green Gables. Both went to Grant High School and then University of Puget Sound. Wilson went on to get his PhD. at University of Washington and post docs at University of Minnesota and Washington University in St. Louis. My husband, Scott, is a labor economist for the state of Washington and a member of the Portland School Board.

I enjoy hiking, gardening, and making lots of art! My background is in fine art photography, but I work with and have taught many other forms of art making. I received my B.A. in Fine Art Photography from Southern Illinois University and my M.Ed. from Portland State. I have worked as an Artist in Residence teaching in many elementary to high schools throughout the Portland region. I was a florist for about 10 years. For the past 16 years, I have taught photography at Lincoln High School. I am affiliated with Guardino Gallery. Right now I have work traveling in the Ode to the Tides show-a Wetlands Conservancy fundraiser and will be in both the Little Things show at Guardino Gallery and the Sitka Art Invitational in November.

I am deeply inspired by the natural world-birds, forests, oceans, shells, and flora. I love the music of Radiohead, Beyonce, and the National to name a few. I just love listening to and learning about new musicians. Lately, I have been working on a series of work around my Mom, aging and Alzheimer's disease.

I am excited to be teaching the IB class this year. I also still completely enjoy teaching the Advanced Photo classes. Bringing more art and joy into this world is my goal. I love seeing new artists blossom!

Charlie, Cecily, Wilson, Me and Scott

My mom

In front of my studio

Some of the Artwork I make.

Shell Collection #1-Photo Transfer onto Stone Paper, 18x18
From Crow series-Watercolor, 18x24
Little Blue Heron-Photo Transfer onto Wood, 16x20
Approaching Storm-Ink on Mulberrry paper, digitally photographed and edited, printed out onto rice paper, 16x16