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We are very excited to start a new school year and meet you all. On this website you will find all the important informations that you need to know to understand what's going on in class and to follow the progress of your child. Here's a breakdown of each section:

    • Plans de travail (work-plan) section: Each week we will provide a work-plan with everything (assignments, projects, quizzes and exams) that needs to be done during the week. The students have until the following Monday to complete their homework.

    • Google Classroom section: This section is where the students will be turning in their assignments, taking formative quizzes and find resources. It will be also their portfolio and you will be giving an access code. Please note that I use Google Classroom a lot for formative assessment, and even if the program calculate grades, it doesn't necessarily reflect what you will see in PowerSchool.

    • PowerSchool section: This is a link to PowerSchool. It's where you can find marks and comments on summative assessments.

Please feel free to explore the rest of the website and contact me if you have any questions


These are the evaluation indicators that will be used in our report cards. For the outcomes, CLICK HERE.