• Educate and Motivate residents to Participate in their Local Government. To that end we have mobilized an experienced group of residents to work constructively with officials of town government and public school districts. The goal is to give residents fact-based information that equips them with a comprehensive, non-partisan foundation for engagement with their neighbors and the various local governing bodies on key issues. The Democracy Tent in Los Gatos does not advocate for any particular position. It intends to only provide the broad contextual understanding for individuals to express their own views, which may span the political spectrum. Many of the issues can be very polarizing.
  • Provide a greater opportunity for civic conversation among residents than is possible in formal government meetings of elected officials.
  • Develop Curricula for group learning and study.
  • Develop Leadership Training for discussion groups and neighborhood organizations who will extend our Democracy Tent into living-room discussion groups, and neighborhood gatherings. This includes events put on by service organizations, local school PTAs, and the League of Women Voters.
  • Develop Leadership Training for residents to be active in local governments as attendees of commission, board, and meetings of elected officials. Then, once experienced in such meetings and issues, become appointees to commissions and boards. Finally, to stand for election at the local level to ensure broad representation of resident views.
  • Obtain participation of High School and Middle School students in Democracy Tent gatherings and encourage creation of elective Democracy Tent events at their schools.
  • Develop web and other Cloud-based communication that enable every resident to access background and current status of key issues such as managing public pension debt, emergency preparedness, traffic congestion, condition of streets, and the supply of housing, among the long list of issues of which government has to deal.
  • Foster Information sharing among residents, government and business leaders throughout our local and regional areas.