Most political philosophies agree that the primary function of Government is to protect its Citizens. The second priority is to provide the Infrastructure that fosters a functioning society. Beyond those two priorities, conservatives and progressives may not agree on much else for the role of government.

Surveys of citizens throughout the country, including locally, report the following priorities, which form the basis of our Framework for organizing individual community issues, presented here in the order of reported importance.

* Protect Citizens

This includes: maintenance of law and order, managing threats to personal safety, ensuring safety of infrastructure including the environment, goods and services.

* Provide Comprehensive Infrastructure

This includes the means of efficiently facilitating the operation of society, such as roads, bridges, public transportation, and pathways for other non-automobile travel.

* Maintain a Sound Context

This includes such things as sustainable government budgets, availability of safe and affordable housing, and a local supply of goods and services.

* Offer a Unique Quality of Life

This includes providing the environment that makes residents proud of their community and motivates them to reside in Los Gagtos. These are such things as libraries, parks, entertainment and recreational facilities. These create a sense of identity. It would be a mistake to consider these secondary infrastructure priorities.