Circle of Three

“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

Ecclesiastes 4:12

What are "Circles of Three"?

Circles of Three are a way for the church family to stay connected during this time of COVID-19. Your Circle is a chance to gather, in person or online, and have a safe place to laugh, cry, share and pray. This handbook is provided to you to get you started and to use as you like. You can also not use it. But we recommend that your Circle meet weekly, even if each meeting is only 30 minutes, and end in a time of sharing and prayer for each other. Commit to 12 weeks together. Some ideas of things you can do with your Circle at different times: study a Bible passage, go for a socially-distanced walk or hike, read and discuss a book or biography together, memorize a verse of Scripture every week, pray for others or for your community, connect with a missionary and pray for them. What we most want you to do is to be able to go through this unique time of life with others and to know you are not alone.

Need help forming a "Circle of Three"?