Synod of the family 2015

As many of you know some of our community were founder member of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics. Here is a video of the inaugural meeting

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Gender Identity ....

posted 7 Oct 2016, 00:06 by Arthur Govan

Please find attached the GNRC Press Release N°7 related to Pope Francis visit to Georgia and his words about Gender Identity. (links are direct to GNRC website, but the documents are also below.

English Version / Spanish Version

We would like to share with you its content for your review and sharing among your different social networks and media contacts.


Fernando González Bustos

GNRC Chief of Media and Communication

| Attachments: GNRC PR Nº7 (English).pdf GNRC PR Nº7 (Spanish).pdf

Catholic apology

posted 27 Jun 2016, 22:32 by Arthur Govan [ updated 27 Jun 2016, 22:33 ]

Please see the attached documents issued by GNRC