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LexTox- drug and alcohol testing first started its journey in UK and it was established with the help of the top notch experts and these experts are within the UK industries. The main aim of this company is to offer the clients with reliable and authentic results and it also offers extremely responsive client oriented services for the solicitors who practice family law and proceedings of child-care. Thisdna testing company is also one of the leading specialist hair, drug and alcohol testing laboratories and this company is accreditated to the UKAS testing standards ISO 17025.

This top dna testing company is trusted by more than seven thousand solicitors, who practice family law and the social workers. This company undergoes continuous research and this allows them to develop various newer methods and services. This allows the clients of this company to receive the best scientific evidence that is appropriate for the casework.

This company has got an experience of more than 50 years and it offers a wide range of services to its clients. Its many years of experience have helped it to become of the most trusted companies for the local authorities, social workers and solicitors, all over the UK. The clients receive the top leading market professional services inside the industry.

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The experts from this company provide the expert reports and analysis for the solicitors, courts and the local authorities that are involved in the family law cases and the proceedings of the child care. This company will provide with the sample analysis time of 5 days or less time as the standard industry time.

The top priority of this company is to offer the best client service and to provide with the best reliable results. The clients will easily able to get the reliable result within the shortest period of time. The experts are experienced and professional and they are the members who belong to the society of hair testing. This society is an international independent body and it offers with the guidance of the various analysis techniques. These techniques will help with the drug detection and alcohol presence in the hair. This legal dna testing uk company will provide with the hair analysis which is within the recommendations that are agreed internationally.

This paternity testing company is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and it is the sole national accreditation body. This body is recognized by the government in order to asses against any agreed standards internationally. The accreditation by the UKAS offers the demonstration the competency of the laboratory testing and this shows the reliability of the test results and this is results helps with offering the confidence of the services of the testing that has been provided by the laboratory.

The director of the laboratory of this company develops and implements various methods that help with accurate detection of various substances that are found in the hair and these helps with the cases of family law and proceedings of child care for over 12 years.

This paternity dna testing company also offers testing services to various other clients such as: police forensics, employee testing, research studies and also for the general public.

This company has got the best professionals when it comes to management of the company, expert technical and reporting professionals, laboratory specialists and this company also offers the best client services to the clients. This company has got the best testimonials from its previous clients.

There are various services offered by this company and these are: hair drug testing, hair alcohol testing, blood testing, dna relationship testing, alcohol testing, expert reports, collections of various samples and these are collected and also professional training seminars and CPD.

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The clients will be easily able to book for collections and to do so, they will need to visit the official website of this company and fill the form before the webpage. The client will need to provide with their full name, email, name of organization, the contact number, town and the filing date and the additional message and submit the form online.

The clients will be able to request for the quote for the services that they require from this company. For each type of services, the clients will be able to fill the online quote form or they can also download the quote form.

For the drug testing services, this company can easily test and detect wide ranges of drugs. Some of the hair drugs that can be detected are amphetamine, antidepressants, benzodiazepines, cannabis, cocaine, LSD, Opiates, and PCP etc. The clients will be able to find an extensive list of drugs that can be detected through the official website of this company.

To know more about their services, one can dial Tel: 029-2048-4141 and fax at:029 2048 4321

And one can send email at experts@lextox.co.uk. One can visit their official website at: https://www.lextox.co.uk/our-services/dna-testing/.