What began as a collaborative project between colleagues became a transformative experience for everyone involved. Students discovered layers of their self-identity, the learning community uncovered gifts and talents in one another they never knew existed, and the adults stumbled across a new lens for literacy instruction. The following media tells the story of how recording our learning process as storytelling model for our students transformed into a feature length presentation garnering invitations to present this story at film festivals and conferences nation wide.

From Project to Paradigm Shift

This next iteration asks teachers to go beyond the Edutopia article, which provided a roadmap for implementing the project, and instead implement a new understanding of the bedrock skills needed for effective communication today.

Resources for Danger of a Single Story.pdf
FINAL Stage 2 & 3.pdf
FINAL Stage 1 .pdf
FINAL Stage 4 .pdf

National Counsel of Teachers of English Annual Conference: Featured Breakout Session (November 2018)

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