Visual Vocabulary Design

Visual Design By 10 Year Olds:

behind the design: Visual Vocab Process

Adapted from the visual presentation work of Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds, Visual Vocabulary Design motivates students to seek out complex language by teaching them to compose engaging slides from the words they encounter.

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Supporting materials

Visual Vocab Overview.pdf
Visual Vocabulary Vocabulary.pdf
Transforming Language to Visuals copy.pdf
Definition Exploration.pdf

measuring the results:

Visual Vocabulary Rubric copy.pdf

Students admire their digital work printed and displayed for the first time. A few weeks later, I lined the group up outside the classroom and quickly asked them to choose a vocabulary word from the back of the room. 2/3 of the class named a word created by a classmate.
Instead of assigning tasks that force students to answer questions to prove that they read, I ask students to quickly mark interesting language. Doing so raises awareness of vocabulary and story structure without interrupting their pace making them more willing to spend class time creating exceptionally thoughtful products.
Vocabulary Reflection copy.pdf

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