Professional World Builder

Amateur Everything Else


In the spring of 2016, two former students stopped by after school...

They wanted to talk about how much they missed the way they felt about themselves as a part of our classroom. For nearly an hour, Cassidy and Hannah reflected back the core shifts in mindset for work and life in the 21st century. The concepts they identified as keys to their success were the implicit beliefs our classroom was designed around.

Our work, our community, our success had a profound and important effect on how these kids approach their life.

It was just the way I read we should be operating and it felt right in practice. I didn’t expect to ever hear such things articulated by kids. This video is the artifact that best embodies my spirit, my dedication, and my community. It's the best version of myself as told by the people I most cared to impact.

Former students return to the classroom after school to share their views on education and the mindsets developed in 5th grade.