In Their Own Words

In the spring of 2016, a group of my former students began showing up after school. Their visits weren’t because they missed me. They missed how our environment made them feel about themselves. The clarity with which these students articulate the lasting impact of learning to work from a place of intrinsic motivation reveals a level of depth and self-awareness beyond anything I expected from 7th graders.

In addition to my conversation with the students, you’ll hear about our classroom work from perspective of our school principal. The interview with Dr. Jennifer deChiara was conducted without my knowledge by another group of former students who filmed it as a parting gift from the class.

Culture & Conditions

Embracing individuals fosters talent and develops values within the community.

Developing Community

Devices don't make us more isolated when we use them to build great things together.

Achievement Together

Reflecting our shared brilliance back into the community drives results.


Through a combination of student interviews and excerpts from talks given by some of the 21st century's leading thinkers, the following video is an attempt to make sense of the dramatic shift in the use of video within the classroom.


Our work with video storytelling began as a straightforward assignment and resulted in an entirely new way to teach the writing process. The projects our students completed became a featured article for Edutopia and later resulted in an invitation by president of the National Counsel of Teachers of English to be featured presenters at the organization’s annual conference.

Lewis-5 Online

In the beginning, our website was nothing more than digital warehouse. Within months it became a community hub before it leveled the barriers that kept learning contained within school hours.

Information Design

Information isn't the commodity it once was. Today, it's on the creators to communicate content effectively for messages to rise above the noise of a connected world.

Theory in Practice

Groundbreaking work is the result of fierce collaboration. The projects and advances we've pioneered developed from a diversity of ideas, voices, and contributions both inside and outside of the education field.


Multimedia Workshops:

After sharing our Danger of A Single Story project, we were invited to present a full-day workshop at High Tech High's Deeper Learning conference. Working with teachers, administrators, and technology integrators, we developed a format to appeal to educators regardless of media experience. From novice to expert, all participants left the day having created a product they could take back to their district in addition to a working experience they could replicate with their in-house teams.

Stories From The Edge Of Education

It's not about creating a narrative, it about remaining present to significance of seemingly insignificant moments.

Stories About Telling Multimedia Storytelling

Designing experiences to bring traditionally marginalized voices into the fold engages more students and creates more value for the whole group.

The Stories Behind Telling The Stories

From selfie culture to self-reflection: When the camera's rolling, everyone steps it up. Except we're not sharing for affirmation, we all about that metacognitive life.

Conventional Literacy Meets Relevant Communication

The Visual Vocabulary Design Program originated with my own research into presentation science after I was invited to speak at national events. As I learned techniques to design visuals to amplify a verbal message, I began to see the implications of combining mediums on audience retention and wanted to teach these communication skills to my students. Turning the method into vocabulary exercises allowed students the time to hone their visual design skills while developing a deep appreciation for the power of language.