Learning Through the Lens

On this website, there's more about my work than I expect of anyone’s time. That's primarily because we’ve all spent at least 12 years in a classroom so when we hear “teacher” everybody thinks something different.

Not only are today’s kids capable of so much more under the right conditions, they're proud to share their stories with the world. Kids today understand their world on a level far deeper than most people expect. For those that create the environment that embraces the tools of today and respects our students' ability to utilize them productively, we see a future far brighter than our current technological climate.

It doesn’t really matter what you watch or how long you watch it for, the work I’m most proud of isn’t the subject matter, it’s the way kids talk about their work, the enthusiasm for sharing their story, and the authenticity with which they convey risk rewarded.

Finally, it’s not really about the work. I’m telling the story of the environment, community, and culture that creates these stories.

The Cassidy & Hannah Interviews

In the spring of 2016, two former students stopped by after school. When it was clear they were visiting to talk about learning, I hit record and got out of the way. It was such a good conversation, they came back again the next day. They kept coming back and they brought more and more classmates each time.

Editing five plush hours of interviews over the course of two years allowed me hone in on the successful components of our environment. Before hearing these students discuss the habits of mind they attributed to our classroom, I didn’t think it was possible to measure such things.

Learning Re-imagined

Quick line about values

Reflecting on the ideas that lead us here.

The Future of Storytelling

Telling more complex stories

Re-creating culture through video.

The Foundation of Literacy's Future

Bullet Points