Innovation begins with innovative environments. The challenge of transforming public school in a community like Cohasset required patience and perseverance. To move the needle in a community accustomed to success on traditional metrics required outcomes too powerful to be ignored.

If you're not teaching On the edge of education, you're taking up space

Learning Through The Lens

This website is a portfolio of the insights I've drawn from working alongside the most brilliant generation to walk the earth. The lessons we can learn from these kids extend far beyond the classroom. The conditions we built together reflect the best-case scenarios for navigating work, life, and citizenship in the 21st century.

Culture & Conditions

Embracing individuals fosters talent and develops values within the community.

Developing Community

Devices don't make us more isolated when we use them to build great things together.

Achievement Together

Reflecting our shared brilliance back into the community drives results.

Lewis-5 Online

In the beginning, our website was nothing more than digital warehouse. Within months it became a community hub before it leveled the barriers that kept learning contained within school hours.

Information Design

Information isn't the commodity it once was. Today, it's on the creators to communicate content effectively for messages to rise above the noise of a connected world..

Theory in Practice

Groundbreaking work is the result of fierce collaboration. The projects and advances we've pioneered developed from a diversity of ideas, voices, and contributions both inside and outside of the education field.

Stories From The Edge Of Education

It's not about creating a narrative, it about remaining present to significance of seemingly insignificant moments.

Stories About Telling Multimedia Storytelling

Designing experiences to bring traditionally marginalized voices into the fold engages more students and creates more value for the whole group.

The Stories Behind Telling The Stories

From selfie culture to self-reflection: When the camera's rolling, everyone steps it up. Except we're not sharing for affirmation, we all about that metacognitive life.

Stories On Stories On Stories

When powerful tools in imaginative hands are used to better navigate our world and better understand ourselves, the results are dramatic, the impact is profound; inner lives become safe to share.

Exceptional work at every level: Our environment is designed to promote the idea that conditions for success are not one-size-fits-all.
Students sign a make shift memorial after folding over the arm of Gavin's sweatshirt to symbolize his recess injury.