When rumor had it that our beloved enrichment program was on the chopping block, our story helped to save EMC

Word came down from my principal that new members of the school committee questioned when everyone student participated in an enrichment program 40 minutes each week when that time could be used for tiered intervention (test prep.).

Gifted instruction is necessary for some and good for everyone else.

The EMC program was a central piece of our school wide push towards gifted and talented instruction for all learners. Twice a year all the teachers proposed a special topics course based on their interests and twice a year every kid in the school chose from those classes based on their interests.

All photos appearing on this page were taken by Deer Hill students as part of EMC




It assured time was devoted each week to the engaging work we love to do. Every student was guaranteed to experience the kind of success that motivates us to seek greater challenges.

When our principal was called on to defend EMC’s merit, we supplied stories about the impact EMC has on our week. By the time that meeting ended, nobody had questions about the program’s value.