Bulletin Boards

Growth demonstrated by today’s measures deserves to be displayed accordingly

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

As students were asked to create their own belief statements around the time of Steve Jobs’ passing, we looked to it for inspiration.

From "Subway Therapy" to "Book Wisdom"

Messages of hope in the wake of the 2016 election inspired us to examine our reading for values we identify with. Students were asked only to mark interesting language in their books, not to copy it out immediately. A quick tab stops you long enough to take notice, to turn the words over once or twice in your mind without breaking the rhythm of the story, which would only serve to make the act a chore.

In the mornings, students were given time to transcribe their quotes (a creative way to meet the new district mandate to spend 10 minuets each day on handwriting instruction).

Information is no longer viable just because it exists. When we put as much consideration into the format of as we do into the content while also factoring in how the two could amplify one another, our message is more likely to be heard above the rest of the noise.

It's so satisfying to walk out of the classroom and see students from other classes totally absorbed in the ideas. All it takes is a few seconds exchanging a little bite of a big idea with someone new to forge a connection.

Interactive Book Graffiti

"Hang a bunch of sharpies in front of an unsupervised message board? You're just inviting trouble," they said. We're equipped to handle what ever comes our way, I thought.

Thousands of anonymous contributions later and not a mean word to be found.

Who wants to read seasonal essays? I never caught any kids, that's for sure. The purpose of assignments like this is for students to prove they can organize an essay. The work is on display as proof that the skill was taught.

In a world with social media, we need to be able to expect more from everyone.

Our take on bulletin boards are an excuse to test out what it feels like to join up your knowledge with the other ideas circulating around the community allowing our growth to build our physical environment, which in turn builds even greater connections.

My class's book therapy was so uplifting, I used their post-it notes to surround my office with their encouraging thoughts and poignant observations.