The 4 fundamentals of an entirely new approach to literacy:





There is no shortage of complex problems in need of new and novel solutions.

Asking students to invest the amount of time and energy required of citizenship in the 21st century, we need to do more than update our approach to productivity.

Unlocking the full potential of a globally connected and information saturated society requires an new operating system entirely.

From Compliance-Based To Highly Engaged

We know how important reflection is in the development of metacognition. The problem was that it primarily took place through writing in a notebook. For most kids, completing the assignment was challenging enough without having to write about how they completed the work. It was a big ask. I used to tell them, "At the end of the year, I don't expect anybody to tell me that you've grown to enjoy reflecting but I will do everything in my power to help you see the benefits."

As soon as I began to video record my students talking about their process, the attitudes towards reflection completely changed. When the camera came out, the everyone stepped up their game. They loved sounding good for their classmates. Until 2015, I only saw the role of video in the classroom as as a means for reflection. These are students that changed all that.

Learning in the 20th century prepared us to execute precise algorithmic style tasks. In response, we developed an compliance based system of eduction that used grades as motivation.

Extrinsic motivators worked well for monotonous tasks but with the advent of automation and artificial intelligence, 21st century work depends on our ability to analyze intricate patterns and draw more insightful observations.

To think at the level of depth needed to program the robots, motivational systems of the 21st century need to operate around intrinsic motivators.

Stories On Stories On Stories...

When powerful tools in imaginative hands are used to better navigate our world and better understand ourselves, the results are dramatic, the impact is profound; our inner lives become safe to share.

Exceptional work at every level: Our environment is designed to promote the idea that conditions for success are not one-size-fits-all.
Students sign a make shift memorial after folding over the arm of Gavin's sweatshirt to symbolize his recess injury.