Levi A. Russell, PhD

Economist - Writer - Presenter

I have over a decade of experience in teaching, writing, research, and consulting in economics. As a proud husband and father of three, I work hard to provide the best life I can for my family.

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Economic and Social Analyst

For more than a decade, Dr. Russell has conducted rigorous, original research on important economic and social issues. This research has been published in top field journals and in trade publications. From the financial economics of farms and cooperatives to questions of political influence on behalf of interest groups, his work has contributed to our understanding of crucial questions.

Working in agricultural economics departments at Texas A&M University and the University of Georgia, Dr. Russell has developed spreadsheet-based tools that have helped farmers and ranchers build and maintain profitability across the southern U.S. Farmers are in the business of the future and Dr. Russell's work has helped them position themselves to be profitable in the face of risk and uncertainty.


Dr. Russell's popular press portfolio includes published articles on nationally-recognized sites such as Washington Examiner, Real Clear Energy, The Imaginative Conservative, Drovers, Southeast Farm Press, Merion West, Farm Progress, Truth on the Market, and others. 

Academics often struggle to communicate to the public, but Dr. Russell has honed this skill over the course of his career. High level concepts cannot effect social change if the public is unaware of them, so his communications skill set is as valuable as it is unique.


Associate Teaching Professor

Brandmeyer Center for Applied Economics

University of Kansas School of Business

Dr. Russell teaches Managerial Economics, Futures and Options, and Foundations of Business at the University of Kansas School of Business. 

His students often praise his lecture style, unique and useful assignments, and his ability to paint detailed pictures of difficult concepts in their minds.

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