The Enchanted Ones

The past is a bitch ...

For years Ariana and Belfior have lived together in harmony with the forest until the day that a fair maiden happens to get lost along the river bank. Tristesse has returned to wreak vengeance for her banishment and is out to destroy everything her sister holds dear.

Including her life.

Authors note (Possible spoilers!)

The Enchanted Ones was a story that pretty much came out of the blue when I decided I wanted to give writing a proper try. It started with a witch and unicorn living in a forest which was ok but seemed a little boring which is when I hit on the idea of him turning into a man at night and the two of them being linked by this magic bond which then led to the idea of an evil sister using that as a means of revenge. There was originally more graphic sex in the story which I decided to tone down as it didn't sit right overall even though it served to illustrate just how twisted Tristesse could be. Maybe I'll go back and rewrite it to make it steamier at some point - it kinda made sense that an evil witch would take advantage of a helpless hunky guy in whatever way she could.