About Local Exchange Trading

At the heart of LETS South is the one-on-one exchange between members using the online system developed by the community exchange to record the transactions.

LETS South, known locally as Fleurieu LETS, established in 1992. Members use Bart$ (1 Bart$ equates to 1 Aussie dollar) to exchange and barter for goods and services within the community.

When you visit communityexchange.net.au you will be told that membership of an association is not necessary to form a local exchange trading system.

This is true, but in LETS South case we are the only group that we know that provides insurance coverage for markets and this we do because we are a legally incorporated body LETS South Local Exchange Trading System Incorporated.

There is an annual membership fee which helps cover the cost of insurance and this website.

Online, LETS South trades as Fleurieu LETS, so when you visit communityexchange.net.au you need to click Register and search for Fleurieu LETS #17.

LETS only grows if members trade. Happy trading!

For a complete list of current LETS groups in Australia Click Here

The first thing to remember about trading online is to USE IT, regularly!

Regularly login, check to see what is new, update your offers and wants, enter your trades.

How to trade - an example...

Requirement: Your car needs an oil change.

Step 1: You either look through the Offerings List or do a search to see if anyone is offering oil changes or car maintenance. Someone is offering oil changes for T80 but you must bring your own oil and oil filter.

Step2: In the Offerings List you click on the person's name to obtain contact details. You phone the person (the 'seller') and agree on a time and place for the oil change.

Step 3: The oil change takes place and then you (the 'buyer') fill in a Trading Slip.

Step 4: You leave, satisfied that your car has fresh oil. The seller then goes to a computer and enters the details of the trade into the transaction form of his or her CES 'bank account'. This becomes a credit for the seller and a debit for you. You are now obliged to provide goods and services to the community worth T80.

For now, go to www.communityexchange.net.au and register. We'll be in touch.

Markets, Swaps, Trades and Exchange

An important part of LETS South are the markets where members can meet and trade with each other.

Recently, markets have included swap tables where members of the public are invited to swap without the need for LETS.

There are a wide range of services and goods on offer

  • Vegetables
  • Crafts
  • Services such as massage
  • Accommodation and House Minding
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Transport
  • Child Care/Aged Care
  • Cleaning/Domestic Help
  • Computer and Office
  • Cooking and Food
  • Counselling and Advice
  • Hire/Rent
  • Health and Family
  • House and Garden Maintenance
  • Plants
  • Sewing and Knitting
  • Teaching and Tutoring
  • Story Telling
  • Dance
  • Furniture Design
  • Permaculture

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