Public School Trustee Election 2017

To encourage citizens to get involved in the 2017 Municipal Election, Lethbridge School District No. 51 has published profiles of the Lethbridge Public School Trustee candidates. All candidates were given the opportunity to submit a brief profile and photograph to introduce themselves, and their platforms, to voters. The profiles have not been edited in any way. The opinions and views expressed in the profiles are those of the candidates, and do not reflect the position of Lethbridge School District No. 51.

Clark Bosch

Travis Burndred

Brooke Culley

Tyler Demers

Janice Foster

Keith Fowler

D.J. Gellatly

Donna Hunt

Doug James

Don Lacey

Kristina Larkin

Christine Light

David Low

Lola Major

Locke Spencer

Hollie Tarasewich

More information on the 2017 Public School Trustee election can be found on our Election 2017 website