Liste des commandes bots

Commandes générale :

!commandes - Afficher les commandes bots

!rank - Afficher votre niveau.

!rank @pseudo - Afficher le niveau de quelqu'un d'autre.

!levels - Afficher le lien pour voir le classement des niveaux.

!helpdjsona - Afficher les commandes du bot DJ sona.

!helpdjlucio - Afficher les commandes du bot DJ lùcio.

!helpbaron - Afficher les commandes du bot Baron.

!opgg - Afficher l'adresse du site OPGG.

!twitch - Rechercher une chaîne Twitch.

!manga - Rechercher des informations sur un manga.

!anime - Rechercher des informations sur un anime.

!liens - Afficher les liens utiles.

!intranet - Afficher l'url de l'intranet LTBC.

!inviter - Afficher le lien d'invitation discord.

!roll - Afficher un nombre aléatoire entre 1 et 10.

Commandes BOT DJ Sona & DJ Lùcio :

Préfix DJ Lùcio: > (Exemple: >loop, >skip, >play [Link] etc)

!loop - Loop the currently playing song.

!play - Plays a song with the given name or url.

!remove - Removes a certain entry from the queue.

!soundcloud - Searches soundcloud for a song

!skipto - Skips to a certain position in the queue.

!seek - Seeks to a certain point in the current track.

!skip - Skips the currently playing song.

!volume - Check or change the current volume.

!playtop - Like the play command, but queues from the top.

!queue - View the queue

!loopqueue - Loops the whole queue.

!removedupes - Removes duplicate songs from the queue.

!join - Summons the bot to your voice channel.

!move - Moves a certain song to the first position in the queue or to a chosen position

!lyrics - Gets the lyrics of the current playing song

!playskip - Adds a song to the queue then executes skip.

!resume - Resume paused music.

!search - Searches YouTube for results of a URL.

!clear - Clears the queue.

!disconnect - Disconnect the bot from the voice channel it is in.

!pause - Pauses the currently playing track.

!replay - Reset the progress of the current song

!np - Shows what song the bot is currently playing.

!shuffle - Shuffles the queue.

!ping - Checks the bot's response time to Discord.

!settings - Change Rythm's settings.

!info - Info about Rythm!

!clean - Clears the bot's messages.

!invite - Links!

!shard - Checks the shard you are on.

!stats - Shows the stats of the bot.

!aliases - List command aliases.

Commandes BOT Baron :

!baron add/remove - Link your summoner so you don't have to type it.

!baron profile [region] [summoner] - Summarized profile of a summoner.

!baron live [region] [summoner] - Live match details and statistics.

!baron mastery [region] [summmoner] - Top champions by mastery. Also shows if the player already earned a chest, and the champion last played date.

!baron champion [champion] [role] [frequent/highest%](optional) - Everything you need to know about a champion, winrate, banrate, pickrate, skill order, runes, mastery, build, etc.

!baron counters [champion] - Counters for specified champion.

!baron guide [region] [summoner] - While in-game, this command will give you a small guide on how you should play the game, along with builds and skill paths.

!baron pro [pro-player-name] - Pro player's statistics, champions, next-game and some other information.

!baron lastplayed [champion] [region] [summoner] - Shows when a player last played a specified champion.

!baron notify/unnotify [eulcs/nalcs/lck/msi/cblol/all] - Notifies you when an LCS match goes live!

!baron lcs upcoming [eulcs/nalcs/lck](optional) - Upcoming matches on LCS.

!baron lcs recent [eulcs/nalcs/lck](optional) - Recent matches on LCS.

!baron bans - Top banned champions.

!baron ultimatebravery - Want to see details of an ability? You got it!

!baron best [role] - Best champions for specified role.

!baron info [champion] - Detailed statistics about a champion.

!baron tips [champion] - Tips for a specified champion.

!baron rotation - This week free rotation.

!baron status [region](optional) - Shows LoL server status.