5 Steps to a Less Stressful Move

To say that moving is a stressful experience is an understatement. Moving is an involved process, in both cost and energy. But proper planning does go a long way. The better you plan for your move, the more prepared you are for the inevitable challenges you will face. Learn what you can do now to make moving day more manageable.

Declutter Your Home

Clutter only adds chaos. The more clutter around your home, the more stuff you will have to transport on moving day. You can save yourself a great deal of work by decluttering your home first. Go through each room and create three sections — donate, trash and move. Make it a point to get rid of all the items that don’t fit into the move category before moving day. Decluttering can also help you save money since you aren’t moving as much.

Purchase Quality Shipping Supplies

The goal of a move is to transport your household belongings from your old home to your new home, safely. If you don’t invest in quality moving boxes and materials, you may not achieve this goal. Try to resist the urge to visit your local grocery store to get boxes or to use old boxes from a friend. The boxes you find from these sources are often flimsy. When you pack them with your new belongings, they could quickly fail. You get better protection, and greater confidence, when you rely on quality supplies.

Pack Like You'll Unpack

Moving isn’t just complicated in terms of packing; unpacking is just as bothersome. But, you can make the process easier for yourself by packing your boxes in the same manner that you will unpack them. For example, don’t put bath towels in a box with sweaters that you plan to store in the garage. Your boxes should be room specific. So, the towels should be in a box with other bathroom supplies, and the sweaters in a garage box.

Know the Specs

The dimensions of your new home may not be the same as your current home. While the variances might seem like a minor issue, you need to know about any differences up front. For example, if your couch won’t fit through the front door, you need to know this information beforehand so that you can make other arrangements. If you wait until moving day to consider this step, you will only send yourself into a frenzy, unnecessarily.

Keep a Positive Attitude

The brain is a powerful muscle, and don’t be afraid to use it on moving day. Moving is an exciting time, somewhat of a new beginning; keep this in mind while you move. As much as things might seem to be unraveling around you, if you keep a positive attitude, you will make the day go by with far less stress. Keep happy thoughts and don’t be afraid to take breaks throughout the day to get your happy back.

Don’t let moving day get the best of you. Apply these tips to ensure you’re prepared for anything.