Les Petits Amis is a French immersion summer day-program where toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners learn French through fun and developmentally appropriate educational activities. The day is divided into two sessions:

  • The morning session (8:00 am to 12:30 pm) offers more structured activities to help kids develop four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing through activities such as games, music, movement, cooking, arts, science.
  • The afternoon session (12:30 to 5:00 pm) offers free indoor and outdoor play (weather permitting).

All activities are conducted in French and are designed to offer your child an outstanding French immersion experience in a supportive environment.

Features of the French Summer Program:

  • Kids learn French and live a complete French immersion experience
  • Balanced schedule of fun activities designed to keep children engaged and help them develop life-long skills
  • First-aid and CPR-trained staff who love children and enjoy teaching
  • Healthy and delicious snacks (parents provide lunches or can elect to have it delivered at a cost)
  • Bi-weekly progress report shared with parents
  • A focus on positive relationships and creating friendships
  • A safe, wholesome environment where kids can be just kids

Example of a typical day

8:00-9:00am: Children arrive (free play)

9:00-9:45: Circle time - could include French comptine/song/dance, book reading, games

9:45-10:30: Special activity - movement, music, cooking, science or art

10:30-10:50: Wash hands/eat snack

10:50-12:00: Special activity - movement, music, cooking, science or art

12:00-12:30: Wash hands/eat lunch/wash hands

12:30-2:30: Free play or nap (as long as the child needs)

2:30-4:45: Outdoor or indoor free play (depending on the weather) - a snack will be provided during this time

4:45-5:30: Parent pick-up

Our main space is located at the corner of Pleasant Street and Brighton Street in Belmont, Massachusetts.