Le Petit Bistro Special Prix Fixe Menu

For groups or 8 or more

Call us at 650-964-3321 for price on your custom menu.

A $200 deposit is require for this group menu and is non refundable 48 hours before reservation date.


The following appetizers can be added to the menu for an extra $10 per order

Lobster Meat Tartelette

Mussels in Wine Sauce

Duck Liver Pâté


Choice of one Entrée

All entrées include both soup du jour and salad maision

Poisson du Jour

Fish of the day

Demi Canard Rôti

Roasted half duck with fruit sauce

Medallions de Porc aux Champignons

Medallions of tenderloin pork with mushroom demi- glace

Coq au Vin de Chanturge

Burgundy wine marinated chicken braised with shallot mushrooms and applewood bacon

Feuilletées de Legumes au Four

Portobello mushrooms, white leek, artichoke hearts, spinach and roasted peppers in puff pastry with Brie cheese

Côtelette d'Agneau au Jus

Lamb chops served with herbs of Provence * extra $10 per order

Filet De Boeuf Au Poivre De Madagascar

Filet mignon with cognac and green peppercorn sauce * extra $10 per order


The following choices served to the whole group

Crème Brûlée OR Mousse au Chocolat

Special Order : Home Made Napoleon *extra $3 per person