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The M1 Chipshoot is a patented system to direct and collect chips while grinding. Keep it clean from start to finish at the job site reducing labor and time for stump removal. The M1 Wheel and teeth were designed specifically to control the chips, working in conjunction with the Chipshoot system enabling chip direction and collection.

Leonardi Mfg. is proud to announce the availability of multiple configurations of the M1 Chipshoot enabling a wide range of uses with various existing equipment so that you can offer additional services to your customers.

Leonardi’s M1 Chipshoot Power Loader automatically loads the chips into an on-board collection bin while grinding. By using your grinders existing hydraulic capability to power a self-opening and closing feature it allows the operator to control the entire process of grinding, collection and dumping from the operator control panel. When the collection bin is full it’s as simple as flipping a switch to dump your chips and dispose of the contents where ever you want them. Use a power or regular wheelbarrow, a skid steer bucket, dump trailer, or simply on a tarp. The M1 Chipshoot Power Loader automates the entire process of handling stump grinding chips and eliminates the costs and hassle of site clean-up.

In addition to the M1 Chipshoot Power Loader, Leonardi offers different M1 Chipshoot configurations that deliver various levels of automated stump clean up using your existing equipment. Each configuration of the M1 Chipshoot is designed to accommodate a wide range of stump grinders and price points for our customers. Whether you want the Chipshoot Essential, Bag System, Power bins, or the Power Loader we have the stump clean up solution for you!

Call 1-800-537-2552 or send an email to sales with your machine’s make and model to discuss with our experts what configuration makes the most sense for you and the services you currently or would like to offer to your customers.

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