Leobino N. Sampaio, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

  • Computer Science Department

  • Federal University of Bahia (UFBA)

  • Campus Ondina, Instituto de Computação (IC), Av. Milton Santos, S\N, Ondina. PAF2. Salvador, BA, Brasil. CEP: 40170-110

Contact info: +55 (71) 32 83 63 09 / leobino at {ufba.br, gmail.com}

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Short Bio

Prof. Leobino N. Sampaio is an associate professor in the Computer Science Department at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). He holds Bachelors in Computer Science from Salvador University (UNIFACS) awarded in 1996, and Master Science from Salvador University (UNIFACS) awarded in 2002, and Ph.D. in Computer Science by the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) awarded in 2011. In 2020, Dr. Sampaio was a visiting researcher at the Computer Science Department of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the United States. In 2022, he received the Research Productivity Distinction Grant (Level 2) award from the Brazilian National Research Council (CNPq). He has a large experience in computer networks, particularly network measurements and performance evaluation. Currently, Dr. Sampaio is a researcher of the Group of Algorithms and Distributed Computing (GAUDI) and head of the infrastructure and Systems for Networks and Telecom (INSERT), member and coordinator of the RNP’s Technical Committee on Network Monitoring (CT-Mon), member of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), and member of the Steering Committee of the Network of Experimentation in the Future of the Internet between Brazil and Europe (FIBRE). He is a reviewer of international journals, such as IEEE Communication Magazine, Computer Networks (1999), IEEE eTransactions on Network and Service Management, IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, and IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management. His research interests include Information-Centric Networking (ICN), particularly the NDN Architecture, applied to mobile scenarios, such as VANETs, FANETs, and IoT. He is also interested in Future Internet Architectures, such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and new network paradigms and solutions, e.g., Tactful Networking and Blockchains. Contact him at leobino@ufba.br.

Academic Degrees

Teaching & Research Interests

  • Teaching activities at UFBA

    • MATA59 – Computer Networks

    • MATE05 - Future Internet. Challenges, applications, research topics

    • MATE19 - Network Programming (e.g., NDN, P4, OpenFlow)

    • MATC99 - Information Systems Security Auditing

  • Research topics

    • Future Internet and next-generation networking architectures

      • Information-Centric Networking (ICN) / Named Data Networking (NDN)

      • Software-Defined Networking (SDN) / Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

    • Network Measurement and Performance Analysis

    • Network Security


  • 2022 CNPq, Distinction - Research Productivity Distinction Grant (Level 2)

  • 2022 Honorable Mention (Advisor) in the V Thesis and Dissertation Workshop of SBRC 2022 for "Tactful Networking as a cornerstone for opportunistic human-aware D2D communication".

  • 2021 Honorable Mention (Advisor) in the IV Thesis and Dissertation Workshop of the SBRC 2021 for "IoTP: On Supporting IoT Data Aggregation Through Programmable Data Planes".

  • 2018 Honorable Mention (Advisor) in the I Thesis and Dissertation Workshop of SBRC 2018 for "iSim: A User Grouping Strategy for Data Download in Information-Centered Mobile Networks".

  • 2018 SBRC Best Paper in the Tool Session: "SDN-IPS: A Tool for Automated and Collaborative SDN-Based Cyber-Attack Containment".

  • 2016 Honored Professor, UFBA Business School - EAUFBA.

  • 2011 Innovative Ideas in University Management, UFBA.

  • 2009 Honor to Merit, UNIFACS.

  • 2008 Honored Professor, UNIFACS.

  • 2005 Honored Professor, UNIFACS.

  • 2003 Best professor of the year 2003 in the Systems Analysis Course, UNIFACS.

Selected Publications (Most recent from 2020)

  • Araujo, Francisco Renato C.; Madureira, Andre Luiz R.; Sampaio, Leobino N. A Multicriteria-Based Forwarding Strategy for Interest Flooding Mitigation on Named Data Wireless Networking. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, v. 1, p. 1-15, 2022. doi:10.1109/TMC.2022.3206167

  • Costa, Rafael L. ;Viana, Aline C.; Ziviani, Artur; Sampaio, Leobino N. On building human-aware opportunistic communication strategies for cost-effective content delivery. Computer Communications, v. 1, p. 1, 2022. doi:10.1016/j.comcom.2022.05.033

  • Pires, S. S.; Ribeiro, A. V. ; Sampaio, L. N. A Meta-policy Approach for Learning Suitable Caching Replacement Policies in Information-centric Networks. In: ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing, 2022, Virtual. 37th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC '22), 2022. doi:10.1145/3477314.3507069.

  • Silveira, Sofia A.M. ; Zaina, Luciana A.M. ; Sampaio, Leobino N. ; Verdi, Fábio L. . On the evaluation of usability design guidelines for improving network monitoring tools interfaces. Journal Of Systems And Software, v. 187, p. 111223, 2022. doi:10.1016/j.jss.2022.111223

  • Araujo, G. B.; Sampaio, L. N. An Intelligent Edge-Traffic Routing Architecture for Vehicular Data-Mule Services. IEEE Latin America Transactions, v. 19, p. 1976-1984, 2021. doi:10.1109/TLA.2021.9475852

  • Madureira, Andre Luiz R.; Araujo, Francisco Renato C.; Araujo, Guilherme B.; Sampaio, Leobino Nascimento. NDN Fabric: Where the Software-Defined Networking Meets the Content-Centric Model. IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, v. 18, p. 374-387, 2021. doi:10.1109/TNSM.2020.3044038

  • Pires, Stéfani; Ziviani, Artur ; Sampaio, Leobino N. Contextual dimensions for cache replacement schemes in information-centric networks: a systematic review. PEERJ Computer Science, v. 7, p. e418, 2021. doi:10.7717/peerj-cs.418

  • Costa, Rafael Lima ; Viana, Aline Carneiro ; Ziviani, Artur ; Sampaio, Leobino Nascimento. Tactful Opportunistic Forwarding: What Human Routines and Cooperation Can Improve?. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems. 1ed.: Springer International Publishing, 2021, v. , p. 638-652. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-75100-5_55

  • Sampaio, L. N.; Freitas, A. E. S.; Brito, I. V. S. ; Araujo, F. R. C.; Ribeiro, A. V. . Revisitando as ICNs: Mobilidade, Segurança e Aplicações Distribuídas através das Redes de Dados Nomeados. Minicursos SBRC 2021. 31ed. Porto Alegre: SBC, 2021, v. 1, p. 1-50. doi: 10.5753/sbc.8184.9.2

  • R. L. Costa, A. Carneiro Viana, A. Ziviani and L. N. Sampaio. Tactful Networking: Humans in the Communication Loop. IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence, v. 1, p. 1-16, 2020. doi: 10.1109/TETCI.2020.3039520

  • R. L. Costa, A. Carneiro Viana, A. Ziviani and L. N. Sampaio, Towards Human-Aware D2D Communication, 2020 16th International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (DCOSS), Marina del Rey, CA, USA, 2020, pp. 173-180, doi: 10.1109/DCOSS49796.2020.00038.

  • Froes, Wallas ; Santos, Lucas ; Sampaio, Leobino N.; Martinello, Magnos ; Liberato, Alextian ; Villaca, Rodolfo S. ProgLab: Programmable labels for QoS provisioning on software defined networks. Computer Communications, v. 1, p. 1-10, 2020. doi: doi.org/10.1016/j.comcom.2020.07.026

  • Verdi, Fabio L.; Oliveira, Helio T. ; Sampaio, L. N. ; Zaina, Luciana . Usability Matters: A Human-computer Interaction Study On Network Management Tools. IEEE Transactions On Network And Service Management, V. 1, P. 1-1, 2020. doi: 10.1109/TNSM.2020.2987036

  • Torres, E. S. ; Reale, R. F. ; Sampaio, L. N.; Martins, J. S. B. A SDN/OpenFlow Framework for Dynamic Resource Allocation based on Bandwidth Allocation Model. IEEE Latin America Transactions, v. 18, p. 853-860, 2020. doi: 10.1109/TLA.2020.9082913

  • Madureira, André Luiz R. ; Araújo, Francisco Renato C. ; Sampaio, L. N.. On supporting IoT data aggregation through programmable data planes. Computer Networks, v. 177, p. 107330, 2020. doi: 10.1016/j.comnet.2020.107330

Current Research Projects and Collaborations

  • On supporting Ambient Assisted Living applications through Named-Data Networking and Internet of Things. Among the proposals for new Internet architectures, NDN is the one that has presented the most significant advances and has strong support from industry and academia. Its properties are the ones that most address the requirements of AAL applications, characterized by the use of IoT devices, intense mobility, and communication between different devices. Therefore, this project aims to investigate how the NDN architecture associated with IoT can meet AAL systems requirements and boost the development of AAL applications. When using NDN to support AAL applications, it is crucial to identify and define naming schemes, forwarding models, routing protocols, and security strategies to meet the requirements specified in the scenarios. The expressive semantics of the name, the dynamic definition of forwarding strategies, the development of lightweight routing protocols, and a flexible trust policy characterization can contribute to these goals. Partners : Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA) and University of California at Irvine (UCI)

  • On Supporting the Internet of Things Through Named Data Networking: Interoperability, security, and mobility. Despite the benefits and potential of the NDN architectures to meet the challenges of communication among network devices in IoT, many R&D issues are still open and in the early stages of discussion. Thus, the main goal of this research is to define and implement architectural elements of NDN that provide native support for the communication of devices in the Internet of Things for interoperability, mobility and security. This general objective results in the following specific objectives: (i) the development of confidentiality and integrity mechanisms for network contents; and (ii) support for the mobility of data producing and consuming nodes; (iii) the definition of an adaptation layer that supports multiple link leveltransmission technologies. Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA) and University of California at Lost Angele (UCLA)

  • Human and Context-Awareness as Mobility Support in Information-Centric Networks. The project consists of a proposal of an international cooperation whose main objective is to identify new strategies that contribute to the offloading of data in mobile information centric networks. Partners : Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA) and Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA)

  • CREDENCE: Collaboration Network for Excellent Education and Research in Dependable and Secure Distributed Systems . CREDENCE addresses all aspects of BBChain as well as distributed systems more broadly, with partner expertise in publish/subscribe, high-performance computing and socio-technical aspects. In particular, the proposed collaboration will strengthen the BBChain project by advancing the state-of-the-art in designing, evaluating and validating exploit sensitive blockchain infrastructures, including those used for cryptocurrencies, biometrics-based document storage and high volume data streams that require integrity protection.

  • BAMBU - A Metropolitan Innovation Testbed for Promoting Future Internet Research in Salvador city (Project presentation). Its main goal is to design and implement a metropolitan innovation testbed for promoting practical Future Internet research in the city of Salvador, Bahia. Partners: Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Instituto Federal da Bahia (IFBA), Centro de Pesquisa Gonçalo Moniz – Bahia (Fiocruz-Ba), Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP), Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (UFES), Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica (LNCC), Florida International University (FIU), and Phillips Research North America.

On-going advising

  • Jane Barbosa Santos (MSc)

  • Fabio Santos (MSc)

  • Francisco Renato Cavalcante Araujo (PhD)

  • Italo Valcy da Silva Brito (PhD)

  • Guilherme Braga Araújo (PhD)

  • Antônio Cléber Araújo (PhD)

  • André Luiz Romano Madureira (PhD)

Past advising

  • Rafael Lima Costa (PhD)

  • Stéfani Silva Pires (PhD)

  • Dimitri Paixão dos Anjos (MSc)

  • Wallas Froes (MSc)

  • Nilton Flávio Sousa Seixas (MSc)

  • Igor David Brito Caldeira (MSc)

  • Eliseu Silva Torres (MSc)

  • Adriana Viriato Ribeiro (MSc)

  • Antônio Cléber Araújo (MSc)

  • Diêgo Braga Monteiro de Moura (MSc)

  • Antonio Mateus (Msc)

Research groups: