Joshua McLean, Creator of Lemonjerky

I am an award-winning filmmaker based in the Washington, D.C. metro area. I have always been driven to make movies that inspire, educate, and help others. There's no shortage of stories to tell and I want to tell as many as I can, while reaching as many people as possible.

I have produced and edited a wide range of film projects, including music videos, short films, visual poetry, and a 12-part docu-series about the 2020 Presidential Election. One of my latest short films, Goodies, has screened at five film festivals along the East Coast and won a Gold Award from the Spotlight Film Awards.

Most importantly, I love to drink iced coffee and will never show up to a set without it. Outside of filmmaking, I never turn down the opportunity to sing along with some good music or play board games and video games with friends.