Empire of lehmark

What is a Micronation?

Micronations generally have a number of common features, although these may vary widely. They may have a structure similar to established sovereign states, including territorial claims, government institutions, official symbols and citizens, albeit on a much smaller scale. Micronations are often quite small, in both their claimed territory and claimed populations—although there are some exceptions to this rule, with different micronations having different methods of citizenship. Micronations may also issue formal instruments such as postage stamps, coins, banknotes and passports, and bestow honours and titles of nobility.

The Montevideo Convention was one attempt to create a legal definition distinguishing between states and non-states. Some micronations meet this definition, while some do not, and others reject the convention.

A micronation should not be confused with cults, anti-government groups, terrorist organizations, or threats to national security.

Introduction to the Empire of Lehmark

The Empire of Lehmark is a Micronation founded by His Imperial Majesty Emperor and Autocrat William Lehman of Lehmark on 19 April 2019. The Empire of Lehmark has a simple goal for our Empire and that is to become the global beacon for just and legitimate governance, enlightenment and social progression.

The Capital of the Empire is surrounded by Adelaide in South Australia, with other Territory located in Darra, Queensland and Armstrong in Victoria. All Land of the Empire of Lehmark is surrounded by Australia.

We currently live in a world where conventional politicians only serve themselves and not their constituents, in a world where enormous corporations want to destroy nature in any way they possibly can, just to make a quick dollar, in a world where people are killed simply for being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, in a world where extremism and extreme conservatism are creating unsafe environments for minority communities to live and survive. We live in a world of oppression. The Empire of Lehmark envisions itself leading the way to a better world.

As part of our Imperial Program, to be a beacon of just governance and social progression, we have undertaken extensive research and have created the most extensive Bill of Rights out of any Micronation - in order to safeguard the Rights and Freedoms of everyone within the Empire. These are the 17 Basic Human Rights, that we believe every Human should be able to exercise:

  1. The Right to Freedom of Conscience
  2. The Right to Freedom of Press
    1. Except in regards to hate speech, racism, intent to incite violence.
  3. The Right to Freedom of Religion
  4. The Right to Freedom of Expression
    1. Except in regards to hate speech, racism, intent to incite violence.
  5. The Right to Freedom of Speech
    1. Except in regards to hate speech, racism, intent to incite violence.
  6. The Right to Freedom from Discrimination
  7. The Right to Security and Liberty
  8. The Right to Privacy
  9. The Right to Equal Treatment Under the Law
  10. The Right to Life
  11. The Right to Own Property
  12. The Right to Defend Oneself
  13. The Right to Bodily Integrity
  14. The Right to Equal Birth and Rights
  15. The Right to Freedom of Movement
  16. The Right to Freedom from Violence
    1. This also means that all firearms are illegal within the Empire. The only persons who are permitted to carry firearms are the Members of the Imperial Army during war time, martial law or training and drilling sessions.
  17. The Right to Access Basic Services
    1. Such as education, healthcare, water, internet access, sanitation and food.

The Empire has created more specialised protections and anti-discrimination laws for Women's Rights and those in the LGBTIQ+ Community; and specific Rights have also been established regarding the Internet and Privacy.

A cornerstone of the Empire is our strive to be as meritocratic as possible and give everyone an equal chance to succeed. We promote people based upon their skills and not because of their lineage.

Our Empire will do everything we can to protect the environment and secure Earth for future generations by fighting to end plastic waste, promote green energy and ending dependence on fossil fuels and conventional pollutants. We want to create a world where nature is not destroyed and exploited but rather protected and nurtured.

Our economy will thrive through the efforts of our Citizens and the businesses that they own. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to make their way in the world. We have all seen the destruction that big capitalism has done to countries and the environment, and we will not let this happen to us.

We promise to provide a safe haven where ALL VOICES can be heard and where everyone has the RIGHT to feel safe and wanted - because this is a right not a privilege.

Please extend your full support to us today and help us secure a better tomorrow.