4th IEEE ICRA Full-Day Workshop on

Real-world Deployment of Legged Robots

June 22-July 3 Platform: Zoom/Youtube

All the talks

Speaker 1: Jonathan W. Hurst

Agility Robotics: Building Robots to Work in Humans Spaces

Speaker 2: Francesco Ferro

A Generation of Humanoid Service Robots

Speaker 3: Matthieu Masselin

On making millions of different people walk again

Speaker 5: Nicolas Hudson

CSIRO Dynamic Hexapod - Development and Deployment in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge

Speaker 6: Marco Hutter

Autonomy for ANYmal

Speaker 7: Xingxing Wang

Unitree Robotics: let more people enjoy quadruped robots

Speaker 8: Gerardo Bledt/Donghyun Kim (Sangbae Kim)

Regularized Predictive Control: Meaningful, Simple Optimization for Robust, Dynamic Robots
Whole-Body Impulse Control and Vision Aided Dynamic Walking

Speaker 9: Claudio Semini

Quadruped robots for Heavy-Duty Operations

Speaker 10: Avik De

Designing power-efficient quadrupedal robots for commercial applications at Ghost Robotics

Speaker 11: Maurice Fallon

Navigation Systems for Industrial Inspection with Quadruped robots

Speaker 12: Qiuguo Zhu

Real-world application on “Jueying”