Important legal documents for growing your business

Document Packages Save Money and Prevent Errors

Small businesses have many of the same concerns as large corporations. A business owner must protect themselves during partnerships, when dealing with clients and in every other circumstance. The legal protection every company needs relies on having legally binding contracts. Not every start up has a budget big enough to hire a lawyer to draft these documents. Luckily, cost-effective options now exist.

Choose the Documents

Important legal documents for growing your business could include non-disclosure agreements, employee agreements, and shareholder or partnership documents. Incorporating can create a need for many other documents as can property leases, sale agreements and much more.

Know the Cost

Legal fees can cost hundreds of dollars per hour. The law office may include fees for notarizing the documents, to have copies made or even just to have a representative present when the parties involved sign their contracts. In many instances the documents are computer generated forms the law firm adapts in minutes for their client.

Save Some Money

A better way is to handle the matter privately. Business owners do not have to seek out legal assistance every time they want a new document. It is possible to gain access to document packages that give the business owner everything they need to remain protected and to produce an agreement without the expense or the wait for a law firm to have it ready for them.

Increase Business Security

The packages are more than basic agreements. Many have other documents related to the establishment of startups or other common legal issues experienced in the business world that was previously unknown to the owner. The discovery of these documents can help to reduce the risk of fees from government agencies or a lack of protection against other legal problems.

Go Legal Yourself offers professionally prepared documents that enable businesses to secure their investments and have the safety net they need. Legal problems are often a result of poor planning and are one of the most common reasons companies fail. Most at risk are entrepreneurs with a sole proprietorship and first-time owners of startups that do not realize how much protection they need. Avoid these mistakes by using the right document package for all business needs.