Lineae is a science-themed worker placement game where players explore the ocean underneath under the icy surface of one of Jupiter’s moons, excavate mineral deposits along the ocean floor, and compete to ship those extracted minerals back to Earth before the surface refreezes. It features several innovative mechanics both above and below the water: open and close locks to navigate your surface vessel through uneven water levels, or take temporary control of one of the submersible vehicles and use it to collect minerals from the ocean depths.

Meeple Melee

Have you ever wondered what your board game pieces do after game night ends? Meeple Melee is head-to-head combat game where rival factions of meeples duke it out in a wasteland of discarded board game parts. Roll your meeples like dice to punch, kick, or lunge at their opponents. Reveal your choices, and then use equipment cards to gain sneaky advantages.


Nebulous is a two-player hidden movement game where players navigate their starship through a 3-dimensional nebula while trying to find and eliminate their opponent. Sensor data within the nebula is limited, so you’ll need to rely on interpreting the other ship’s engine signature to find them. Each round of play will reveal more information about the opposing ship’s location. Collect energy crystals to charge up your weapons, find your opponent, and then land three successful hits. But don’t rush -- you’ll need to cover your tracks or your enemy may find you before you find them.