I completed my PhD at the University of Southern California (USC) in 2018. I am currently a Research Fellow at the Australian National University (ANU), where I research on energy and environmental policy.

Low-income Household Experiences with Demand-Side Response: Examining the Balance of Comfort and Savings

Presented at APPAM, November 2018 and BECC 2018: At the Fall 2018 Conference for the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, and also at BECC 2018, I presented my research looking at potential energy justice issues associated with time of use rates.

The influence of household interactions on energy conservation

Presented at BECC, October 2018: At the Fall 2018 conference on Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change, I presented ongoing work with a research team at OSU examining the importance of households interactions in predicting energy using behavior.

Inaccurate consumer perceptions of monetary savings in a demand-side response programme predict programme acceptance

Published in Nature Energy, 2018: I worked with Nicole Sintov to examine which factors drive acceptance of Time of Use rates by households. This research established the importance of perceived savings for predicting acceptance of demand-side response measures. This is the third chapter of my dissertation. The findings have been discussed in the LA Times regarding potential utility responses.

Increasing residential solar installations in California: Have local permitting processes historically driven differences between cities?

Published in Energy Policy, 2019: In this second chapter of my dissertation, I examined whether streamlining permitting practices could increase rates of residential solar photovoltaic panel installation.

Controlling household electricity loads: the effect of income and perceived control on TOU acceptance

Presented at APPAM, November 2017: At the Fall 2017 Conference for the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, I presented my research looking at the acceptance of Time-of-Use rates.

Cognitive Accessibility as a New Factor in Proenvironmental Spillover: Results From a Field Study of Household Food Waste Management

Published in Environment and Behavior, 2017: I worked with Nicole Sintov and Sally Geislar to examine whether cognitive accessibility acts as a mediating variable in driving spillover of pro-environmental behaviors.

You are what you drive: Environmentalist and social innovator symbolism drives electric vehicle adoption intentions

Published in Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, May 2017: I co-authored the first paper of my dissertation with Nicole Sintov; this research established the importance of perceiving electric vehicles to reflect an environmentalist self-image as a predictor of electric vehicle adoption intentions. This is also the first chapter of my dissertation.

Bridging Ends and Means: The Centrality of Targets in Comparative Policy Analysis with Illustrations in the United States, New Zealand and Germany

Accepted to Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, May 2017: I worked with fellow grad student Ryan Merrill to develop a paper examining the role of policy targets in policy development.

Drivers of Residential Solar: Do Local Policy Measures Outweigh the Effect of Market Dynamics?

Presented at APPAM, November 2016: At the Fall 2016 Conference for the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, I presented my research looking at the impact of local permitting policies on residential solar installations.

Developing a Quantitative Framework to Identify Resilience Strategies for Businesses following Natural Disasters

July, 2015: I worked with Adam Rose, evaluating a small number of businesses in Christchurch on their experiences filling out an in-development quantitative survey.

Looking at Drivers of EV Adoption: the Power of Image

Presented at APA 2015, August 6 in Toronto: I presented in-progress work looking at what strategies are effective for promoting adoption of electric vehicles.

Innovations in Administrative Functions of Environmental Protection and Human Resources Development

2014, Research Assistant work at USC: I worked with Dan Mazmanian, my adviser at USC, and Ryan Merrill, a fellow USC PhD student, to contribute to a report by the Asian Development Bank. Our contribution focuses on providing case studies of environmental policy innovations in other countries.

Published in Journal of Sustainable Energy Engineering, September 2014 : I worked with Adam Rose and Fred Aminzadeh, Professors at USC, to examine why targets projected in 1978 of geothermal generation capacity in the Imperial Valley by 2020 are not on track to be met.

Permitting best use of wind resource for small wind-turbines in rural New Zealand: A micro-scale CFD examination

Published in "Energy for Sustainable Development", August 2014: My use of CFD modeling to determine the range of turbine tower heights likely to make best use of wind resources for small wind turbines is published in Energy for Sustainable Development. The height recommendations from this study are incorporated in the current draft plan for the Dunedin City Council's energy strategy.

Are Feed-in Tariffs suitable for promoting solar PV in New Zealand cities?

Published in "Energy Policy", September 2013: My examination of the suitability of a feed-in tariff policy for promoting installations of solar photovoltaic panels in New Zealand, when the tariff is implemented by the local city council, is published in Energy Policy.

Energy policy’s importance to New Zealand

Guest Editor of Solar Action Bulletin, June 2013: In 2013 I was asked to act as Guest Editor for an issue of the Solar Action Bulletin. The focus of this issue is energy policy developments and their relevance to New Zealand. As Guest Editor, I sought contributions for the issue and ensured consistent quality of writing.

Feed-in tariffs at municipal level: A case study on the feasibility of FIT implementation in Dunedin

Presented at Otago Energy Research Centre Symposium, 2012: In 2012, I presented my honours dissertation research at the Otago Energy Research Centre Symposium.