The Community is Changing

This video was made from interviews and material collected during "Survivor" (a 2013 community arts residency by CAAPO).

Our main aim for this Residency is to open an informal cultural dialogue process with the Roma community that live in Plasnewydd (Roath, Cardiff). We have established, through initial research that a certain amount of tension currently exists between this growing Roma population and the former/current Plasnewydd residents. Shelley Gardens and the surrounding housing estate has become a melting pot for this disharmony; breeding an atmosphere of mistrust and resentment. ... CAAPO believes that the majority of the discord that currently exists is a result of cultural and social difference, maintained segregation, fear of the unknown and a desperate economic situation. This Roma community has grown in Cardiff as a result of an enforced economic migration from Czech Republic and other Eastern European countries. They have become isolated and as a result, a fragmentation has taken place. This fragmentation has been extended by a lack of employment and youth opportunities; perpetuating fear and cultural isolation. We would like to challenge this status-quo. Obviously, this is a particularly sensitive situation and a pretty extreme one. However, we believe that by opening a dialogue with this community, we can potentially commission new artwork that will explore lines of communication and help to examine the process of cultural integration.

Text by CAAPO