How does art change people? Is that change measurable? Spellorama seeks to make a measurable change in the gallery visitor by improving their English language skills. As a piece of educational software, this is a spelling game that utilises students’ artwork, but in a gallery context, does it becomes an art work that questions the what art is, what it do and how it should do it.

How to play:

Click “Spellorama” to start.

Click as many words as you would like to learn, maybe five or ten

You will see the words disappear as you click them.

Click the “play” button in the bottom right corner.

You can listen to each word as many times as you like without affecting your score.

When you are ready, type the word in the white box.

Getting a clue, getting an answer wrong and skipping words each take one point off your score.

When you get to the final screen you can enter your name and print a certificate.