Pool Rules


  • Lifeguards reserve the right to remove any person from the premises at any time
  • Ledges Pool is not responsible for any items lost or stolen
  • All bathers must shower before entering pool
  • Children not potty trained MUST wear a swim diaper - no regular diapers allowed
  • Only flush toilet paper down the toilets - no feminine products or swim diapers
  • Swimmers must wear bathing suits
  • Members MUST sign in at the front desk
  • Members must sign in their guests at the front desk and pay the $7.00 guest fee unless prepaid online
  • All members are responsible for their guest's behavior
  • Every two hours is adult break - all children must clear the pool


  • WALK do not run
  • No glass, smoking, or alcoholic beverages
  • No eating on the pool deck - including ice cream
  • Food is permitted in the designated eating areas only
  • Clean up after yourself in the eating area
  • Only one person allowed on the diving board or slide at a time
  • Only one bounce on the diving board
  • You must go down the slide feet first and in a sitting position
  • No throwing objects across the pool
  • No toys or balls of any kind are allowed on the diving board or slide
  • On busy days, you must be 15 years or older to use the lounge chairs
  • Respect the lifeguards at all times
  • Lifeguards are not babysitters for the children


  • Back flips, back dives, or back jumps are prohibited
  • Diving is permitted in the deep end ONLY
  • During break times, children are not allowed in the pool or to sit on the edge of the pool
  • Noodles and balls are not allowed in the 12-foot area of the pool
  • Rafts and inner tubes are not allowed
  • No throwing balls at other people
  • No dunking, pushing or rough house play in the pool