Develop Controllable High Power LED

White Light Panel for Glass

BottleDefective Detection

The objective of this project is to develop a high power LED white light panel with 18 areas of dimmable control.

It is controlled by using a USB. Zigbee can also be used as a communication interface for wireless. The system consists of 5 parts. First is a discussion on component selection and testing. Second, evaluation of solution from Texas Instrument (TI) evaluation board. Third, schematic design, layout design and casing design. Fourth is about programming and PCB assembly testing. Lastly, illustration of system integration and troubleshooting.

Initial step is sourcing of component. A few white LED suppliers with a price range of USD0.065 to USD0.115 were chosen. As our client is targeting western country market, OSRAM Duris E5 White LED was selected. A LED panel to evaluate TI LED Driver, LM3464 and 3466 was developed. Microchip SPI 4 channel DAC and CC2530 was used as a controller.

Casing was developed based on project’s requirement with 4 rows of LED with desired power. The dimming is controlled by LED driver and Infineon MOSFET. The driving signal is sent via SPI to control the LED driver. CC2530 will receive the data from GUI and send out via USB. Also available for Zigbee wireless communication.

Microchip DAC is used to integrate 5 dimmable white LED panels to construct a big panel which allows 18 rows of dimmable.

USB interfaced to our software application is used to control the white LED panel. A TTL-USB transceiver is used. A series of HEX will be sending to CC2530 with SPI protocol controlling the microchip. To archive LED dimmable on each 18 rows, analogue control is being used to control the LED driver.

After 3 months of testing, troubleshooting and adjustment, this panel is working without flickering at the minimum level of dimming. This prototype is protected by an acrylic surface, underneath it is the diffusor and polarizer. The casing is made of aluminum to increase the heat dissipation from the PCBA.

In conclusion, this prototype has been successfully designed and developed for our client, a German company based in Malaysia.

Development and testing process

~$Dimmable Control LED Panel.pptx
~$Dimmable Control LED Panel.pptx
Sequential Lighting Test Result V1.0.pptx
E5 Thermal Investigation.pptx
LED Pattern Light Demo Slide.pptx
Digital Potentiameter.pptx
~$LM3463 Evalaution.pptx
SPI LM3463.pptx
Sequential Turn ON.pptx