Online and Blended Classroom Examples

"Blended Learning with Catlin Tucker: Episode 1 - YouTube." 21 Mar. 2016, Accessed 8 Aug. 2017.

Published on Mar 21, 2016

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This first episode of the Blended Learning with Catlin Tucker video series, provides an introduction to blended learning. Catlin and her students share why they transitioned to a blended model and the impact it has had in the classroom. She also provides an overview of the three models employed in her classroom - Station Rotation, Flipped Classroom, and Whole Group Rotation - and how she balances them.

Whether you are a novice to blended learning with limited technology, or have experience in a one-to-one environment, this episode will provide the instructional coaching to help you advance your practice.

The Virtual Classroom: Online Learning

"The Virtual Classroom: Online Learning - YouTube." 22 Jul. 2010, Accessed 19 Apr. 2017.

Published on Jul 22, 2010

Virtual schools make available a world of new courses -- from obscure electives to Advanced Placement classes -- that challenge students intellectually and open up new doors educationally. Find out more about these exciting classrooms that are redefining education: