Module Assignments

Table discussion

Discussion Assignments (.1)

Each module will start with an asynchronous discussion. You will be required to submit an individual discussion post that responds directly to the prompt. Your understanding of the textbook content and ability to integrate key ideas and insights should be evident in your post. You will then respond to a minimum of two peers in your class. These responses should explain issues, provide new perspectives, effectively question, or meaningfully elaborate on the topic to deepen or extend the conversation. Your competence will be measured by the rubric below.

Expectations for Online Communication & Discussion Strategies to Use throughout this Course

All participants are expected to continuously treat each other with respect in all aspects online. To ensure a safe and productive online learning environment for everyone the following expectations are required:

  • Students are expected to be courteous and respectful in discussion posts and/or feedback to peers.
  • Respect people’s privacy.
  • Follow the rules of netiquette and discussion strategies provided below.

Core Rules of “Netiquette” (Colorado State University)

8 Intriguing Strategies to Continue the Discussion (Collaborize Classroom)

Dos and Don’ts of Student Online Communication (Collaborize Classroom)

Facilitation Guide for Students (Collaborize Classroom)

Creating Rich Replies to Peers (Collaborize Classroom)

Say Something Substantial (Collaborize Classroom)

Discussion Rubric

Discussion Rubric

Portfolio Assignments (.2)

For each module, you will complete an assignment that will be placed in your final portfolio. These assignments will provide an opportunity to synthesize your learning for the module. Each assignment will allow you to learn new Web 2.0 and collaboration tools that you can use in your own classroom. Additionally, these assignments will provide practice in the new online and blended environment pedagogy and practices you are acquiring.

Coffee and portfolio work at table
reflection of Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

Reflection Assignments (.3)

Throughout this course, you will be writing reflections that address topics within the Modules. All of these reflections will be transferred to your LEC Portfolio at the end of the course. Written reflections are handled in a variety of different ways, including a personal journal or posts in a wiki or blog. Your LEC instructor will explain the preferred process for your particular course. If you already have a professional blog, it is likely that you will be able to use that to post your reflections during the course.

Depending on your focus, online or blended teaching, you will be asked to reflect on your learning in the current module according to the iNACOL Blended Learning Teacher Competency Framework or the iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Teaching, Version 2.

All reflection assignments should show a thoughtful consideration of the topic. Reflections are expected to be written in standard English, and are typically 300-500 words in length. Reflections may include hyperlinks to outside resources, embedded Web 2.0 tools from this course, and/or properly cited images.