Course Overview III

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Course Materials

Everything you need for this course will be found online. Students do not have to purchase any materials, nor will any be sent. An office productivity suite such as Microsoft Office or Apple iWork is recommended but not required. A wide range of free alternatives, such as the Open Office suite of programs, Zoho, and Google Docs, can be used as an alternative. Depending on your certification provider you may be using one of a number of Learning Management Systems (LMS). A Google Docs account is required; additional free accounts with a variety of Web 2.0 tools will be needed as well.

Assessment Process

To earn Leading Edge Certification, you must successfully complete all coursework and assignments (activities, discussion posts, and reflections) in accordance with the course calendar. Each assignment has a rubric. Most students do well on their assignments because they know what is expected of them. In addition to receiving a passing grade in all Pass/ No Pass assignments, each module (except this Introduction module) has one Portfolio assignment that students submit for grading. These Portfolio assignments will be compiled and submitted in an ePortfolio (electronic portfolio). Like the other course assignments, each portfolio assignment has a rubric. The course facilitator(s) will review your Portfolio assignments and provide you with feedback so you can improve upon and resubmit them. Please remember to check for feedback comments from your course facilitator(s).

Note: All assignment deadlines can be found in the Syllabus and/or course calendar.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is vital in all forms of learning. It is essential that online teachers model proper and legal aspects of academic integrity. All assignments submitted must be original work unless otherwise cited. All media must be cited in some way; a specific format may be required by your course instructor. Please refer to the course Academic Integrity policy in the course syllabus for details.


According to, "a 'citation' is the way you tell your readers that certain material in your work came from another source." Citation of sources is one component of academic integrity. Throughout the Leading Edge Certification, you will see both formal and informal citations. While this course uses primarily APA 6.0 citation style, you are free to use whatever form of citation is most comfortable for you based on your particular instructional situation. Formal citation uses APA, MLA, Turabian, or Chicago Manual for style. "Proper" citation may range from any form that lets readers know the original source, to a specific style as required by your LEC instructor. Check your LEC Syllabus for details about how your instructor would like things cited, and use the resources at the end of this Module to learn how to cite.

Course Support

If you have a question about an assignment, it is likely that many other students will have the same question. Please post your question in either the Q & A Forum (for course questions) or in the discussion board for the particular assignment.

If you need further help to successfully complete assignments or to meet a specific learning objective in our class, please reach out to your facilitator(s) as soon as possible.

Topics and Schedule

Refer to your course syllabus for detailed information about course topics and schedule.