Course Overview II

checklist on graph journal

Preparing for Coursework

As you prepare to begin the course, the following checklist will help to ensure your success:

  • Read the Syllabus provided by your instructor.
  • Obtain headset/microphone.
  • Create free online accounts for Web 2.0 tools as required by your instructor.
  • Make sure your web browser is current with appropriate plugins (see Technical Requirements section of the syllabus).
  • Create a file folder structure on your computer for course materials and assignments; decide how you will keep track of useful info, tools, and websites from the course.
  • Make sure that course emails are not blocked in your email program.

Prerequisite Characteristics & Skills

Leading Edge Certification learners should possess some specific characteristics and skills.

You should:

  • Be an independent learner.
  • Be self-disciplined.
  • Have average to advanced computer skills.
  • Possess a willingness to explore new tools.