Course Overview I


The goal of Leading Edge Certification is to help each participant become a more effective online instructor, and to provide a learning context that interests, excites, and challenges participants to explore effective online and blended teaching practices.

Online education can provide the opportunity for students and professional learners to communicate and demonstrate mastery in ways that would be challenging in the traditional setting. Aligning effective pedagogy with engaging curriculum and a variety of online learning tools offers an empowering alternative for tomorrow's leaders. Preparing teachers for that opportunity is the goal of the Leading Edge Certification (LEC) course.

LEC participants will integrate contemporary technology into teaching practices and learning activities using software (cloudware) and resources that serve curriculum objectives and educational goals. This class includes both theoretical and experiential components; participants will explore and research examples of effective practices in online instruction, but will also spend a substantial portion of course time developing educationally meaningful and personally relevant products to support their online and blended courses

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LEC participants can expect to spend 6-10 hours of work per week, depending on the length of the course. The work will include:

  • Reading course materials, viewing videos, and exploring examples.
  • Completing projects and assignments.
  • Sharing with other class participants in discussion forums.
  • Reflecting on new learning and identifying strategies for implementation.

It should be noted that participants who have less experience with online learning concepts and Web 2.0 tools may need to spend more time completing the modules. The students that usually have the most success in this virtual learning environment set aside a specific time for their course work each week. One of the great things about online courses is that students can perform their coursework when it is convenient for them; even in the middle of the night and on weekends.