Portfolio Submission Process

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Final Portfolio Submission Process

To begin the official review process, you will need to submit your portfolio link to your instructor. Please check with your instructor regarding the specific method for submission in your course. Also, please make sure the portfolio link is public or sharing is set to "anyone with the link can view" as three individuals will need to review your portfolio before you are awarded Leading Edge Certification.

  1. In order to add content to your portfolio, it must first be passed by your instructor. Any content that has not met competency is not ready for your portfolio.
  2. Portfolio assignments will be assessed using the appropriate 3 point rubric. To pass, a score of 3 needs to be accomplished for each portfolio assignment.
  3. All reflections (with additions described above) must be added into your portfolio in the corresponding module. If you crafted your reflections in a blog, you may embed the blog, but, make sure you have included the updates required as described above.
  4. After all modules have been assessed, an overall rubric (previous page) will be used to assess the portfolio as a whole. Again, a score of 3 is required in each rubric category.
  5. Unsatisfactory portfolios will be given the opportunity to improve and will be reassessed.
  6. After your portfolio has passed all three reviewers it will be submitted to the Leading Edge Alliance for certification. You should receive an email with your certificate and digital badge within a month of submission.
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You have completed Leading Edge Certification for the Online and blended Teacher. It has been our pleasure to guide you through this process and we look forward to hearing about your online or blended journey as you move forward!