Summative Assessment

For fun, take this "Matching Game" in Quizlet to test your knowledge of formative and summative assessment. The content in this Quizlet is from "Why Check for Understanding?" by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey.

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Summative Assessment in LMS

Summative assessments are conducted much the same as in the traditional classroom; projects, worksheets, essays and exams are submitted for the teacher to grade. However, in the online/blended environment, these items are submitted electronically through a digital "dropbox." No longer does the teacher need to take home stacks of papers or projects to grade. However, in a blended environment, teachers always have the option of collecting hard copies. When students submit electronically, feedback can occur much more quickly since they are notified via LMS and/or email. This can play a key role in helping students learn from their errors.

Exams and quizzes can be taken in the Learning Management System with test banks that randomly select questions from a large sample of questions. Many of the leading LMS's allow for the use of test banks, with a random subset of questions selected for multiple choice exams. For example, a 50 question test can be constructed from a test bank of 150 questions. Each time a student logs in, the LMS randomly selects 50 questions, randomizes the order of the questions and the order of the answers. This provides heightened test security and ease in providing makeup exams. Additionally, depending upon the LMS and the type of exam, the scores may automatically populate the gradebook.

Performance-Based Assessments

Performance-based assessments evaluate students using performance tasks, instead of traditional standardized tests. Rather than reading and writing questions and answers, students are now asked to write a paper, create a website, develop a video, and a variety of other performances. Many of the tools used for performance-based assessment were identified earlier in Evolution of Online & Blended Learning, Module 1. These are becoming more ubiquitous in schools, including brick and mortar, online, and blended school environments.

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Examples of Technology-Integrated Project-Based Assessment

Please explore some of the following project-based assessments:

  1. The State of Washington has developed statewide education technology assessments - project-based assessments of student learning and higher order thinking skills. These assessments are designed to be consistent with the requirements of the Common Core, and include critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication skills.
  2. Webquests (now at are a structured process for project based learning. There are thousands of examples, a few of which are already suited to the online environment, and several of which might be easily adapted.
  3. Digital Portfolios: Common Sense Media's Top Pick List of Student Portfolio Apps and Websites

Fisher, Douglas, and Nancy Frey. Checking for Understanding. N.p.: ASCD, 2014. Print.